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GeneralWhat Worries Me Pin
W Balboos1-Jul-19 2:41
mveW Balboos1-Jul-19 2:41 
GeneralRe: What Worries Me Pin
PeejayAdams1-Jul-19 2:57
memberPeejayAdams1-Jul-19 2:57 
GeneralRe: What Worries Me Pin
HobbyProggy1-Jul-19 3:38
professionalHobbyProggy1-Jul-19 3:38 
GeneralRe: What Worries Me Pin
Marc Clifton1-Jul-19 4:03
protectorMarc Clifton1-Jul-19 4:03 
GeneralRe: What Worries Me Pin
W Balboos1-Jul-19 5:31
mveW Balboos1-Jul-19 5:31 
GeneralRe: What Worries Me Pin
Eddy Vluggen1-Jul-19 4:46
mveEddy Vluggen1-Jul-19 4:46 
GeneralRe: What Worries Me Pin
Dr.Walt Fair, PE2-Jul-19 5:44
professionalDr.Walt Fair, PE2-Jul-19 5:44 
Generalmystery story: iphone pop-up Pin
raddevus1-Jul-19 2:06
mvaraddevus1-Jul-19 2:06 
My wife has an iphone and practices general safety with it. Yesterday she was innocently reading an article on a site from a link on Facebook (I know, I know, but think end-user).

From that article, she clicked on another link to read another article*.
*More about this in a moment

While reading the article she got the following pop-up alert and texted me to ask if it was legit.[^]

I explained that it was not. I told her the best thing she could do is turn her phone off and back on.

Norton: Does It Do Anything?
At this point I installed Norton Security Essentials on her phone but all it did was say, "You should connect to safe networks". It was tough for me to figure out what it was saying, but basically it was saying don't use wifi at the coffee shop or whatever.

Normal End-Users Have No Chance
I was completely confused about the iphone. I couldn't really check the web site she was looking at using because we weren't sure which site she visited. We began wondering if (even though she hadn't clicked on the pop-up) her phone had been compromised.
Even Norton didn't seem to be scanning for viruses or anything. It just sat there and stared at us. And oh, yes, it told us "Norton will make sure you have the latest OS updates". Is that all you need to insure your iPhone hasn't been compromised?

It's No Wonder Everyone Has Given Up On Security
Every time I run into an issue like this I am always convinced that security is setup to help the scammers.
End-User : Safe Through Obscurity
The poor end-user is basically safe only because there are 100s of millions of other people who probably exercise less security than you do.

What About My Wife's Unsafe Behavior of Clicking Links?*
I told my wife, "well, you really can't just read articles on various sites like that."
She said, "Well, what's the freaking purpose of having a phone and Internet and all this if you can't really go anywhere on the Internet?" It's a good question really. Why is there so much unsafe stuff out there (why don't devices just not even allow the stuff to be seen?)

VirusTotal Explanation
I told her, "well, anytime you want to read an article on a site you should go to VirusTotal[^] first and enter the full URL that you will visit and allow it to scan it.
"It's not worth it," she said.
And as an end-user, I can totally understand that.
Meanwhile, we really have no definitive answer that her iphone** isn't compromised. it's really quite stupid. Hmmm | :|

**She has a iphone XS Max with all updates applied.

PS - we did a scan of the web site mentioned in the pop-up screen at the top and it said that site is clean, which it may be but the site has to be questionable since it contains a spelling error.

UPDATE - Check Out This New Article Headline
Message to IT: Trusting Apple and Google for mobile app security is career suicide | Computerworld[^]

modified 1-Jul-19 9:07am.

GeneralRe: mystery story: iphone pop-up Pin
David Crow1-Jul-19 2:14
memberDavid Crow1-Jul-19 2:14 
GeneralRe: mystery story: iphone pop-up Pin
raddevus1-Jul-19 2:20
mvaraddevus1-Jul-19 2:20 
GeneralRe: mystery story: iphone pop-up Pin
Jörgen Andersson1-Jul-19 2:37
protectorJörgen Andersson1-Jul-19 2:37 
GeneralRe: mystery story: iphone pop-up Pin
raddevus1-Jul-19 2:45
mvaraddevus1-Jul-19 2:45 
GeneralRe: mystery story: iphone pop-up Pin
Jörgen Andersson1-Jul-19 2:48
protectorJörgen Andersson1-Jul-19 2:48 
GeneralRe: mystery story: iphone pop-up Pin
raddevus1-Jul-19 2:55
mvaraddevus1-Jul-19 2:55 
GeneralRe: mystery story: iphone pop-up Pin
Slacker0071-Jul-19 2:48
professionalSlacker0071-Jul-19 2:48 
GeneralBeards Pin
Pompey 330-Jun-19 23:29
memberPompey 330-Jun-19 23:29 
GeneralRe: Beards Pin
Johnny J.30-Jun-19 23:37
professionalJohnny J.30-Jun-19 23:37 
GeneralRe: Beards Pin
OriginalGriff30-Jun-19 23:59
protectorOriginalGriff30-Jun-19 23:59 
GeneralRe: Beards Pin
CodeWraith1-Jul-19 0:28
memberCodeWraith1-Jul-19 0:28 
GeneralRe: Beards Pin
GenJerDan1-Jul-19 0:56
memberGenJerDan1-Jul-19 0:56 
GeneralRe: Beards Pin
Frank Malcolm1-Jul-19 20:53
memberFrank Malcolm1-Jul-19 20:53 
GeneralRe: Beards Pin
j snooze1-Jul-19 11:49
memberj snooze1-Jul-19 11:49 
GeneralRe: Beards Pin
HobbyProggy1-Jul-19 0:13
professionalHobbyProggy1-Jul-19 0:13 
GeneralRe: Beards Pin
glennPattonWork1-Jul-19 0:35
professionalglennPattonWork1-Jul-19 0:35 
GeneralRe: Beards Pin
PeejayAdams1-Jul-19 0:43
memberPeejayAdams1-Jul-19 0:43 

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