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GeneralRe: What is your C64? Pin
Member 102486214-Aug-19 20:03
MemberMember 102486214-Aug-19 20:03 
GeneralRe: What is your C64? Pin
Member 132602454-Aug-19 15:14
MemberMember 132602454-Aug-19 15:14 
GeneralRe: What is your C64? Pin
ormonds4-Aug-19 19:56
Memberormonds4-Aug-19 19:56 
GeneralRe: What is your C64? Pin
BotReject9-Aug-19 1:07
MemberBotReject9-Aug-19 1:07 
GeneralRe: What is your C64? Pin
mashford575-Aug-19 2:42
Membermashford575-Aug-19 2:42 
GeneralRe: What is your C64? Pin
RandMan75575-Aug-19 4:08
MemberRandMan75575-Aug-19 4:08 
GeneralRe: What is your C64? Pin
William Balthrop5-Aug-19 5:37
MemberWilliam Balthrop5-Aug-19 5:37 
GeneralRe: What is your C64? Pin
Geoff Gariepy6-Aug-19 5:52
MemberGeoff Gariepy6-Aug-19 5:52 
The first computer I ever touched and "programmed" was a TRS-80, and I used it right in the Radio Shack store.

The first real computer time I got was as a freshman in high school in 1981. They had five or six Commodore Pets; these were the generation with the full sized keyboard and the tape drive in a separate box. There were a couple of 8KB machines, a couple of 16K machines, and one "monster" with 32KB. They were in a room not much larger than an elongated walk-in closet. The print devices were converted teletype machines.

Dad purchased a VIC-20 for us 3 kids (but it wound up being used mostly by me) at home; it must have been 1982.

During the summer after my year in the 9th grade, my high school relocated from the city of Detroit to the suburbs. With the move came a new, greatly expanded computer lab. It still had the Commodore PETs, but it quickly started acquiring Commodore 64s. By this time I was starting to really ramp up my knowledge and understanding of programming, and it was pretty plain to see that the VIC-20s days were numbered. I did some odd jobs here and there and saved up the money to purchase a Commodore 64. The next two years multiplied my knowledge many times over; I got into assembly, Pascal, and decided to pursue a Computer Information Systems major when I graduated from high school.

I went to my freshman year at college with a brand new Amiga 1000, and graduated after four years with my BA in CIS. It took awhile to get a job in the field, but I'm in year 28 or thereabouts of my software development career.

So, I guess the machine that was "my C64" really was a C64. Smile | :)
GeneralRe: What is your C64? Pin
BotReject9-Aug-19 1:48
MemberBotReject9-Aug-19 1:48 
GeneralRe: What is your C64? Pin
Alan Burkhart13-Aug-19 5:57
MemberAlan Burkhart13-Aug-19 5:57 
GeneralCCC - 2019-08-01 Pin
musefan31-Jul-19 23:00
Membermusefan31-Jul-19 23:00 
GeneralRe: CCC - 2019-08-01 Pin
Storm-blade1-Aug-19 0:14
professionalStorm-blade1-Aug-19 0:14 
GeneralRe: CCC - 2019-08-01 - WINNER! Pin
musefan1-Aug-19 0:17
Membermusefan1-Aug-19 0:17 
GeneralChildhood memories... Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter31-Jul-19 22:22
mveKornfeld Eliyahu Peter31-Jul-19 22:22 
GeneralRe: Childhood memories... Pin
W Balboos1-Aug-19 5:33
mveW Balboos1-Aug-19 5:33 
GeneralRe: Childhood memories... Pin
dandy721-Aug-19 8:38
Memberdandy721-Aug-19 8:38 
GeneralRe: Childhood memories... Pin
Dr.Walt Fair, PE2-Aug-19 6:06
subeditorDr.Walt Fair, PE2-Aug-19 6:06 
GeneralRe: Childhood memories... Pin
dandy722-Aug-19 10:51
Memberdandy722-Aug-19 10:51 
GeneralLaptop keyboard layouts Pin
Peter_in_278031-Jul-19 22:08
professionalPeter_in_278031-Jul-19 22:08 
GeneralRe: Laptop keyboard layouts Pin
OriginalGriff31-Jul-19 22:25
communityengineerOriginalGriff31-Jul-19 22:25 
GeneralRe: Laptop keyboard layouts Pin
the goat in your machine1-Aug-19 0:10
Memberthe goat in your machine1-Aug-19 0:10 
GeneralRe: Laptop keyboard layouts Pin
Stuart Dootson1-Aug-19 21:21
professionalStuart Dootson1-Aug-19 21:21 
GeneralRe: Laptop keyboard layouts Pin
obermd2-Aug-19 6:42
Memberobermd2-Aug-19 6:42 
GeneralRe: Laptop keyboard layouts Pin
#realJSOP1-Aug-19 1:58
mva#realJSOP1-Aug-19 1:58 
GeneralRe: Laptop keyboard layouts Pin
W Balboos1-Aug-19 5:31
mveW Balboos1-Aug-19 5:31 

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