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GeneralRe: I was sent this, and... Pin
S Houghtelin7-Nov-19 2:44
professionalS Houghtelin7-Nov-19 2:44 
RantJava - ughhh Pin
ZurdoDev6-Nov-19 10:03
mveZurdoDev6-Nov-19 10:03 
GeneralRe: Java - ughhh Pin
Slacker0076-Nov-19 10:26
professionalSlacker0076-Nov-19 10:26 
GeneralRe: Java - ughhh Pin
ZurdoDev6-Nov-19 10:35
mveZurdoDev6-Nov-19 10:35 
GeneralRe: Java - ughhh Pin
Slacker0076-Nov-19 10:41
professionalSlacker0076-Nov-19 10:41 
AnswerRe: Java - ughhh Pin
Dan Neely7-Nov-19 4:28
MemberDan Neely7-Nov-19 4:28 
GeneralRe: Java - ughhh Pin
jackbrownii7-Nov-19 7:46
professionaljackbrownii7-Nov-19 7:46 
GeneralRe: Java - ughhh Pin
Marc Clifton6-Nov-19 10:29
communityengineerMarc Clifton6-Nov-19 10:29 
That's because Java is lame, but without operator overloading you'd have to do the same thing in C#.

Direct Add method:

BigInteger.Add(BigInteger, BigInteger) Method (System.Numerics) | Microsoft Docs[^]

Operator overloaded add:

BigInteger.Addition(BigInteger, BigInteger) Operator (System.Numerics) | Microsoft Docs[^]

Java: "No, Java doesn't support user-defined operator overloading."


GeneralRe: Java - ughhh Pin
Member 79891226-Nov-19 23:33
MemberMember 79891226-Nov-19 23:33 
GeneralRe: Java - ughhh Pin
Marc Clifton7-Nov-19 3:25
communityengineerMarc Clifton7-Nov-19 3:25 
GeneralRe: Java - ughhh Pin
Member 79891227-Nov-19 22:36
MemberMember 79891227-Nov-19 22:36 
GeneralRe: Java - ughhh Pin
Dave Kreskowiak6-Nov-19 10:42
mveDave Kreskowiak6-Nov-19 10:42 
GeneralRe: Java - ughhh Pin
Super Lloyd6-Nov-19 12:55
MemberSuper Lloyd6-Nov-19 12:55 
GeneralRe: Java - ughhh Pin
CPallini6-Nov-19 21:57
mveCPallini6-Nov-19 21:57 
GeneralRe: Java - ughhh Pin
Member 79891226-Nov-19 23:34
MemberMember 79891226-Nov-19 23:34 
GeneralRe: Java - ughhh Pin
Rajesh R Subramanian7-Nov-19 2:17
professionalRajesh R Subramanian7-Nov-19 2:17 
GeneralRe: Java - ughhh Pin
CPallini7-Nov-19 2:42
mveCPallini7-Nov-19 2:42 
GeneralRe: Java - ughhh Pin
Rajesh R Subramanian7-Nov-19 14:51
professionalRajesh R Subramanian7-Nov-19 14:51 
GeneralJust Curious Pin
Kevin Marois6-Nov-19 7:19
professionalKevin Marois6-Nov-19 7:19 
GeneralRe: Just Curious Pin
OriginalGriff6-Nov-19 7:31
communityengineerOriginalGriff6-Nov-19 7:31 
GeneralRe: Just Curious Pin
Marc Clifton6-Nov-19 7:44
communityengineerMarc Clifton6-Nov-19 7:44 
GeneralRe: Just Curious Pin
agolddog7-Nov-19 4:22
Memberagolddog7-Nov-19 4:22 
GeneralRe: Just Curious Pin
devenv.exe6-Nov-19 7:46
professionaldevenv.exe6-Nov-19 7:46 
GeneralRe: Just Curious Pin
Donathan.Hutchings6-Nov-19 7:54
professionalDonathan.Hutchings6-Nov-19 7:54 
GeneralRe: Just Curious Pin
Kevin Marois6-Nov-19 8:02
professionalKevin Marois6-Nov-19 8:02 

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