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General"Ungoogleable" ??? Pin
jhunley24-Jan-20 3:47
Memberjhunley24-Jan-20 3:47 
GeneralRe: "Ungoogleable" ??? Pin
Chris C-B24-Jan-20 4:08
MemberChris C-B24-Jan-20 4:08 
GeneralRe: "Ungoogleable" ??? Pin
Amarnath S24-Jan-20 5:26
professionalAmarnath S24-Jan-20 5:26 
GeneralRe: "Ungoogleable" ??? Pin
Mark_Wallace24-Jan-20 6:30
MemberMark_Wallace24-Jan-20 6:30 
GeneralRe: "Ungoogleable" ??? Pin
ZurdoDev24-Jan-20 4:52
mveZurdoDev24-Jan-20 4:52 
GeneralRe: "Ungoogleable" ??? Pin
TheGreatAndPowerfulOz24-Jan-20 5:25
MemberTheGreatAndPowerfulOz24-Jan-20 5:25 
GeneralRe: "Ungoogleable" ??? Pin
dandy7224-Jan-20 5:43
Memberdandy7224-Jan-20 5:43 
GeneralRe: "Ungoogleable" ??? Pin
Member 798912224-Jan-20 7:32
MemberMember 798912224-Jan-20 7:32 
Over the years, Google has been through so many variations of "search languages" - interpretations of quoting, plusses, minuses and whathaveyou, and variants of fuzzy matching, that I have given up.

I came into Information Retrieval before Google - even before AltaVista! - and "grew up" with the ideals of completeness and precision: Strive for a result that contains all the documents that the user wants (the completeness part), and only those of interest to him (the precision part). Today, that ideal has been replaced with one of "Use any measures available to generate as high hit count as possible - only be sure include at least one (semi)relevant hit in the first page of twenty entries, because that is all the majority of users care to look at".

In pre-google days, there was an IR search language (I believe that it was/is an ISO standard) for specifying not only "exact this string", but also that terms should appear e.g. wihin the same sentence, or paragraph, or separated by at most 'n' other words, etc. I belive that AltaVista offered an "advanced search" option handling this language. But using that search language required a certain level of training. Common man really doesn't care much for learning to use advanced tools; everyting shall be immediately available. So Google, with its totally dumbed-down search for anything that resembles anything that you mention, won the hearts of the public. Obviously, the ability to claim a minimum of two million hits, whatever you ask for, is essential to the marketing.

I am not sure that this idea of mine for a party game is original: Set up teams, give them one search term, and see which team can generate the lowest google hit count when combining this with two other terms, restricted to some dictionary. It doesn't have to be Encyclopedia Americana - it could e.g. be limited to words appearing the latest edition of your company's marketing magazine. You could vary the game by giving not one but two "mandatory" search terms, and by varying the number of "freely chosen" terms from the accepted sources.

I never carried this through as an actual party game, but when I suggest it, it always provokes a combination of laughs and recognizing nods.
GeneralRe: "Ungoogleable" ??? Pin
dandy7224-Jan-20 11:08
Memberdandy7224-Jan-20 11:08 
GeneralRe: "Ungoogleable" ??? Pin
Gerry Schmitz24-Jan-20 7:54
mveGerry Schmitz24-Jan-20 7:54 
GeneralMessage Closed Pin
24-Jan-20 7:58
Memberjhunley24-Jan-20 7:58 
GeneralCcc Pin
Pimpyboy 24-Jan-20 3:05
MemberPimpyboy 24-Jan-20 3:05 
GeneralRe: Ccc Pin
OriginalGriff24-Jan-20 4:02
mveOriginalGriff24-Jan-20 4:02 
GeneralRe: Ccc Pin
pkfox24-Jan-20 5:54
professionalpkfox24-Jan-20 5:54 
GeneralHero developers exist? Pin
maze324-Jan-20 2:52
professionalmaze324-Jan-20 2:52 
GeneralRe: Hero developers exist? Pin
Jörgen Andersson24-Jan-20 3:09
professionalJörgen Andersson24-Jan-20 3:09 
PraiseRe: Hero developers exist? Pin
lopatir24-Jan-20 3:27
Memberlopatir24-Jan-20 3:27 
GeneralRe: Hero developers exist? Pin
lopatir24-Jan-20 3:25
Memberlopatir24-Jan-20 3:25 
GeneralRe: Hero developers exist? Pin
honey the codewitch24-Jan-20 3:33
mvahoney the codewitch24-Jan-20 3:33 
GeneralRe: Hero developers exist? Pin
Mark_Wallace24-Jan-20 6:37
MemberMark_Wallace24-Jan-20 6:37 
GeneralRe: Hero developers exist? Pin
Gerry Schmitz24-Jan-20 7:59
mveGerry Schmitz24-Jan-20 7:59 
GeneralRe: Hero developers exist? Pin
honey the codewitch24-Jan-20 3:32
mvahoney the codewitch24-Jan-20 3:32 
GeneralRe: Hero developers exist? Pin
raddevus24-Jan-20 4:19
mvaraddevus24-Jan-20 4:19 
GeneralRe: Hero developers exist? Pin
honey the codewitch24-Jan-20 4:28
mvahoney the codewitch24-Jan-20 4:28 
GeneralRe: Hero developers exist? Pin
dandy7224-Jan-20 5:34
Memberdandy7224-Jan-20 5:34 

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