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GeneralCCC - Solution Pin
pkfox11-Mar-20 23:40
professionalpkfox11-Mar-20 23:40 
GeneralRe: CCC Pin
musefan12-Mar-20 1:16
Membermusefan12-Mar-20 1:16 
GeneralRe: CCC Pin
pkfox12-Mar-20 1:58
professionalpkfox12-Mar-20 1:58 
GeneralRe: CCC - Solution Pin
DRHuff12-Mar-20 3:01
MemberDRHuff12-Mar-20 3:01 
GeneralWe all love her... Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter11-Mar-20 21:58
mveKornfeld Eliyahu Peter11-Mar-20 21:58 
GeneralRe: We all love her... Pin
CodeWraith11-Mar-20 22:16
MemberCodeWraith11-Mar-20 22:16 
GeneralRe: We all love her... Pin
Daniel Pfeffer11-Mar-20 23:33
professionalDaniel Pfeffer11-Mar-20 23:33 
JokeCommunication Pin
Nand3211-Mar-20 20:01
MemberNand3211-Mar-20 20:01 
I can't believe how a message can get skewed as it goes through different ears & mouths and finally change the context completely.

We have a product in the making.
And we also do a POC that's related to the product.

The big guys - the board of directors were on the call And I asked "What are the ways the POC development could actually contribute to the Product roadmap"

The question is valid and all the CTOs & technical guys in the call understand it well.

One of the non-technical directors says "Don't get distracted by the POC, focus on the product, and you shouldn't point to the POC as a reason for slowing down the product development & goes on to explain about the Product roadmap"

Another director echoes - "Guys, this has been discussed over and over, let's not waste more time on this question again"

Finally, one good empathizing tech boss intervenes & explains the context and which is not against the development of the POC. It was all about correlating the POC effort with the product.

It's been really tough formulating the message clear with the right vocabulary while talking to the non-tech big shots. D'Oh! | :doh: It's a tough exercise!
GeneralRe: Communication Pin
Mark_Wallace11-Mar-20 20:16
MemberMark_Wallace11-Mar-20 20:16 
GeneralRe: Communication Pin
Nand3211-Mar-20 20:46
MemberNand3211-Mar-20 20:46 
GeneralRe: Communication Pin
Mark_Wallace11-Mar-20 21:03
MemberMark_Wallace11-Mar-20 21:03 
GeneralRe: Communication Pin
Nand3211-Mar-20 21:13
MemberNand3211-Mar-20 21:13 
GeneralRe: Communication Pin
Mark_Wallace11-Mar-20 23:14
MemberMark_Wallace11-Mar-20 23:14 
GeneralRe: Communication Pin
Amarnath S11-Mar-20 20:24
professionalAmarnath S11-Mar-20 20:24 
GeneralRe: Communication Pin
Nand3211-Mar-20 20:28
MemberNand3211-Mar-20 20:28 
GeneralRe: Communication Pin
ZurdoDev12-Mar-20 0:56
mveZurdoDev12-Mar-20 0:56 
GeneralRe: Communication Pin
Nand3212-Mar-20 2:55
MemberNand3212-Mar-20 2:55 
JokeRe: Communication Pin
Nelek12-Mar-20 8:37
protectorNelek12-Mar-20 8:37 
GeneralMini CCCs 164 Pin
Tim Deveaux11-Mar-20 18:28
MemberTim Deveaux11-Mar-20 18:28 
GeneralRe: Mini CCCs 164 Pin
Peter_in_278011-Mar-20 18:59
professionalPeter_in_278011-Mar-20 18:59 
GeneralRe: Mini CCCs 164 - Done Pin
Tim Deveaux11-Mar-20 19:04
MemberTim Deveaux11-Mar-20 19:04 
GeneralOh No, Not You Too Forrest? Pin
Michael Martin11-Mar-20 16:34
professionalMichael Martin11-Mar-20 16:34 
GeneralRe: Oh No, Not You Too Forrest? Pin
PIEBALDconsult11-Mar-20 17:22
professionalPIEBALDconsult11-Mar-20 17:22 
GeneralRe: Oh No, Not You Too Forrest? Pin
Mark_Wallace11-Mar-20 20:22
MemberMark_Wallace11-Mar-20 20:22 
GeneralRe: Oh No, Not You Too Forrest? Pin
Nelek11-Mar-20 21:21
protectorNelek11-Mar-20 21:21 

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