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GeneralRe: Oh for elephants sake... Pin
Chris Maunder20-Apr-20 7:45
cofounderChris Maunder20-Apr-20 7:45 
GeneralContagion Pin
5teveH18-Apr-20 4:32
Member5teveH18-Apr-20 4:32 
GeneralRe: Contagion Pin
OriginalGriff18-Apr-20 4:38
mveOriginalGriff18-Apr-20 4:38 
GeneralRe: Contagion Pin
5teveH18-Apr-20 5:07
Member5teveH18-Apr-20 5:07 
GeneralRe: Contagion Pin
Greg Utas18-Apr-20 6:45
professionalGreg Utas18-Apr-20 6:45 
GeneralRe: Contagion Pin
Slacker00718-Apr-20 7:19
professionalSlacker00718-Apr-20 7:19 
GeneralRe: Contagion Pin
Nelek18-Apr-20 7:32
protectorNelek18-Apr-20 7:32 
GeneralRe: Contagion Pin
Member 798912218-Apr-20 8:45
MemberMember 798912218-Apr-20 8:45 
5teveH wrote:
I don't play computer games!
I played some games in my student years (in the years of command line interfaces only, and the classical Adventure game!) Then a couple of my classmates went completely crazy, spending all their time on it. They got hold of the Adventure source code (in Fortran!) and started extending it, trying to outsmart each other by adding new tricks you had to use to grab the treasures, and so on. One of them later stated "Being a University junior was the three best years of my life".

So I got it up my throat, watching those guys. It expanded to other sorts of games as well: Since my student days, I haven't really played a single game, neither board games, computer games, quizzes or whathaveyou. (Exception: When small kids beg me to play children's card games with them, Ludo or other plain-luck games.)

So you are not alone as a non-gamer!

The one "game" I really wished for as a student, I never saw (and never got around to develop myself): I was quite interested in astrophysics, non-Euclidian space, black holes and such, and dreamed of a space invasion inspired "game" made in strict accordance with current cosmological theories, that would allow me to navigate a space ship towards black holes or super-gigantic stars, to see how close I could get without crashing. I bought one of the standard bibles of astrophysics, Misner, Thorne, Wheeler: Gravitation[^], having a section headed something like "The fate of an astronaut who is dragged into a black hole", describing how his body will be pulled out to a thin strand, the different speed of the clock at his feet and head, and so on. I really wished to have a model where I could see this happen! (Of course a major requirement would be an adjustable virtual time, to let you travel many light years a second in open space, and to slow down the fate of that astronaut to slow motion.) I don't know if you would call that a "game", but I never found (or made) anything like that anyway.

I wonder: Do astronomers / cosmologicans have that sort of visualization tools to use for themselves? Or don't they need it - do they just imagine in their heads? (Similar to "Radio plays have so much better images than TV plays!") If they have it, can they adjust parameters like the amount of dark energy/matter? DaveAuld presented some astronomy pictures the other day; if you read this: Do you happen to know of any such visualization models?
GeneralRe: Contagion Pin
Mark_Wallace18-Apr-20 17:18
MemberMark_Wallace18-Apr-20 17:18 
GeneralRe: Contagion Pin
W Balboos, GHB19-Apr-20 2:40
mveW Balboos, GHB19-Apr-20 2:40 
GeneralRe: Contagion Pin
Mark_Wallace18-Apr-20 17:28
MemberMark_Wallace18-Apr-20 17:28 
GeneralRe: Contagion Pin
charlieg19-Apr-20 8:01
Membercharlieg19-Apr-20 8:01 
GeneralThe Code Project 2002 Pin
Rage18-Apr-20 2:06
professionalRage18-Apr-20 2:06 
GeneralRe: The Code Project 2002 Pin
RickZeeland18-Apr-20 2:53
mveRickZeeland18-Apr-20 2:53 
GeneralRe: The Code Project 2002 Pin
Mark_Wallace18-Apr-20 17:19
MemberMark_Wallace18-Apr-20 17:19 
GeneralRe: The Code Project 2002 Pin
dandy7220-Apr-20 5:15
Memberdandy7220-Apr-20 5:15 
GeneralRe: The Code Project 2002 Pin
Chris Maunder20-Apr-20 7:46
cofounderChris Maunder20-Apr-20 7:46 
GeneralRe: The Code Project 2002 Pin
Rage20-Apr-20 21:18
professionalRage20-Apr-20 21:18 
GeneralA good "pure" Javascript 'language' tutorial Pin
Nand3217-Apr-20 22:35
MemberNand3217-Apr-20 22:35 
GeneralRe: A good "pure" Javascript 'language' tutorial Pin
OriginalGriff17-Apr-20 22:55
mveOriginalGriff17-Apr-20 22:55 
GeneralRe: A good "pure" Javascript 'language' tutorial Pin
CodeWraith17-Apr-20 23:31
MemberCodeWraith17-Apr-20 23:31 
GeneralRe: A good "pure" Javascript 'language' tutorial Pin
OriginalGriff17-Apr-20 23:43
mveOriginalGriff17-Apr-20 23:43 
GeneralRe: A good "pure" Javascript 'language' tutorial Pin
CodeWraith18-Apr-20 0:07
MemberCodeWraith18-Apr-20 0:07 
GeneralRe: A good "pure" Javascript 'language' tutorial Pin
OriginalGriff18-Apr-20 1:07
mveOriginalGriff18-Apr-20 1:07 
GeneralRe: A good "pure" Javascript 'language' tutorial Pin
CodeWraith18-Apr-20 3:37
MemberCodeWraith18-Apr-20 3:37 

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