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GeneralRe: now cats getting the [redacted] Pin
Eddy Vluggen24-Apr-20 8:03
professionalEddy Vluggen24-Apr-20 8:03 
GeneralRe: now cats getting the [redacted] Pin
Nelek24-Apr-20 8:23
protectorNelek24-Apr-20 8:23 
GeneralRe: now cats getting the [redacted] Pin
Sander Rossel25-Apr-20 1:14
professionalSander Rossel25-Apr-20 1:14 
GeneralRe: now cats getting the [redacted] Pin
Eddy Vluggen25-Apr-20 23:29
professionalEddy Vluggen25-Apr-20 23:29 
GeneralRe: now cats getting the [redacted] Pin
Sander Rossel26-Apr-20 1:24
professionalSander Rossel26-Apr-20 1:24 
GeneralRe: now cats getting the [redacted] Pin
Nelek24-Apr-20 7:34
protectorNelek24-Apr-20 7:34 
GeneralRe: now cats getting the [redacted] Pin
Eddy Vluggen24-Apr-20 7:59
professionalEddy Vluggen24-Apr-20 7:59 
GeneralRe: now cats getting the [redacted] Pin
Member 798912224-Apr-20 10:10
MemberMember 798912224-Apr-20 10:10 
Nelek wrote:

All that are cultural laws, not natural laws. In the nature everything is potential food for any other life form, soon or later.
For any regulation by society, whether regulating the food you eat, the parts of your body you display, who you can have which kind of sex with, or whatever: If I find one culture that has accepted some action fully, I dare question whether it is a "law of nature" that it should be forbidden. If two cultures, independent of each other, both has come to the conclusion that it is OK, then I more that "question" it. If three cultures all have the same idea, that it is acceptable, and you can with reasonable certainty decide that they have come to this by themselves, not enforced by one culture on the other, then I am certain that there is nothing "against nature" in accepting it. It is a pure cultural convention.

If you like to read anthropological reports (especially those made before the Western world enforced its moral upon the entire world), you will realize that 99,9% of the "against nature" moral laws do not qualify. They are pure cultural artifacts.

So, should we ignore them? I think we should treat them with "mild opposition". Society expects you to wear clothes in public, so you do. But you certainly do not promote it fiercely in discussions. Like the Yanomani people in Brazil (/Venezuela): When they go to work in the white society, they wear western clothes, but when they meet the authorities on behalf of their people, they go as their own culture expects: naked. I honor them for that, and defend them, if the topic comes up in discussions. At home, kids can run around naked (most kids prefer that in summer), you teach them that when they go out in public, they must dress up - only because they are expected to, not for any other reason.

Some rules make sense. Like if you are living in a hot country with no cooling facilities - like the Jews in old testament days, or the Moslems in the the same area, pork might easily be infected by Thrichinella, which is not very healthy. So the rule against eating pork made a lot of sense in those cultures in the old days. Today, with freezers and fridges and close control over the entire production chain, it does not make sense any more. Understanding why that religious / cultural law was there makes it much easier to accept it as a historical fact - and provides arguments why it is silly in today's society.

I am not afraid of telling both adults and kids that "because everybody around is expecting it from us, we should do so-and-so, even if there is no real reason for it". Some against-morals things is perfectly OK, even if "society" doesn't condone it, as long as you keep it for yourself so that you do not offend anybody. (I guess I am willing to take that a lot further than many other people.)

Every now and then it is appropriate to offend/challenge other people. Then you should be very aware that you are doing that. Do it in a controlled, conscious manner. I do that regularly (including in my CP posts). But a "society" is a group of people agreeing on a common way of doing things. As long as following the same rules is essential for the society to work, follow them! Say, left or right side driving: No law of nature says one is wrong, the other right. But when a society has decided, live by it! You may argue against it, yet: live by those rules required for the society to run smoothly.

Of course there is a broad, fuzzy borderline. How much you want do challenge that borderline depends on how much you want to be a rebel. I see very few cases where rebels really oppose "nature". What they oppose is culture. Maybe it is just. Maybe some cultural regulations are good, after all - like deciding on which side of the road to drive. Yet I agree that a lot of cultural laws should be relaxed. Even if they are not "laws" in the legal but only in the moral sense, I think it would be appropriate to challenge them.
GeneralRe: now cats getting the [redacted] Pin
Member 798912224-Apr-20 10:40
MemberMember 798912224-Apr-20 10:40 
GeneralRe: now cats getting the [redacted] Pin
Sander Rossel25-Apr-20 0:51
professionalSander Rossel25-Apr-20 0:51 
GeneralRe: now cats getting the [redacted] Pin
Member 798912224-Apr-20 8:55
MemberMember 798912224-Apr-20 8:55 
GeneralRe: now cats getting the [redacted] Pin
Sander Rossel25-Apr-20 0:40
professionalSander Rossel25-Apr-20 0:40 
GeneralRe: now cats getting the [redacted] Pin
Member 798912225-Apr-20 9:08
MemberMember 798912225-Apr-20 9:08 
NewsVaccines know Pin
Kent Sharkey23-Apr-20 13:33
staffKent Sharkey23-Apr-20 13:33 
GeneralRe: Vaccines know Pin
Z.C.M.23-Apr-20 15:07
professionalZ.C.M.23-Apr-20 15:07 
GeneralRe: Vaccines know Pin
Kent Sharkey23-Apr-20 15:17
staffKent Sharkey23-Apr-20 15:17 
GeneralRe: Vaccines know Pin
OriginalGriff23-Apr-20 20:11
mveOriginalGriff23-Apr-20 20:11 
GeneralRe: Vaccines know Pin
fd975023-Apr-20 22:03
professionalfd975023-Apr-20 22:03 
GeneralRe: Vaccines know Pin
Jörgen Andersson23-Apr-20 23:16
professionalJörgen Andersson23-Apr-20 23:16 
GeneralRe: Vaccines know Pin
Rich Leyshon24-Apr-20 0:58
MemberRich Leyshon24-Apr-20 0:58 
RantRe: Vaccines know Pin
ZurdoDev24-Apr-20 1:27
mveZurdoDev24-Apr-20 1:27 
GeneralRe: Vaccines know Pin
Richard MacCutchan23-Apr-20 21:04
mveRichard MacCutchan23-Apr-20 21:04 
GeneralRe: Vaccines know Pin
Nelek23-Apr-20 21:15
protectorNelek23-Apr-20 21:15 
GeneralRe: Vaccines know Pin
Kent Sharkey24-Apr-20 4:25
staffKent Sharkey24-Apr-20 4:25 
JokeRe: Vaccines know Pin
ZurdoDev24-Apr-20 1:24
mveZurdoDev24-Apr-20 1:24 

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