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GeneralRe: Rant. Pin
DerekT-P14-Jul-20 5:49
professionalDerekT-P14-Jul-20 5:49 
GeneralRe: Rant. Pin
Richard Andrew x6414-Jul-20 6:17
professionalRichard Andrew x6414-Jul-20 6:17 
GeneralRe: Rant. Pin
Eddy Vluggen14-Jul-20 13:37
professionalEddy Vluggen14-Jul-20 13:37 
GeneralRe: Rant. Pin
CPallini14-Jul-20 2:46
mveCPallini14-Jul-20 2:46 
GeneralRe: Rant. Pin
DerekT-P14-Jul-20 5:50
professionalDerekT-P14-Jul-20 5:50 
GeneralRe: Rant. Pin
Richard MacCutchan14-Jul-20 2:50
mveRichard MacCutchan14-Jul-20 2:50 
GeneralRe: Rant. Pin
DerekT-P14-Jul-20 5:51
professionalDerekT-P14-Jul-20 5:51 
GeneralRe: Rant. Pin
theoldfool14-Jul-20 3:08
professionaltheoldfool14-Jul-20 3:08 
Overlooking the unsaved thingie, it seems to me that your biggest mistake was in the assumption that you had stopped Microsoft's (self healing) ability to update. Silly you. Microsoft works under the (correct) assumption that many/most people are too stupid/lazy/busy to do updates on their own. Then they blame Msft for any malware. So,they do the the updates automagically. I think the only ways to stop them is: 1. use an Update Server to control[ 2. Turn off the network card (hard to do if you are doing cloud stuff) or 3. use a firewall that blocks by application (mine does, they are expensive). I run W10 in a virtual machine, so I can disable the NIC when I don't want to risk anything interrupting me. Once, I created rules in the firewall to block updates. I think I wound up with about 8 or 10 IP address ranges!
Leave the machine without backing up my work? Get caught once and I probably won't do it again.
The best way to remember your wife's birthday? Forget it once. Smile | :)
If you can keep your head while those about you are losing theirs, perhaps you don't understand the situation.

GeneralRe: Rant. Pin
DerekT-P14-Jul-20 6:10
professionalDerekT-P14-Jul-20 6:10 
GeneralRe: Rant. Pin
kmoorevs14-Jul-20 6:58
Memberkmoorevs14-Jul-20 6:58 
GeneralRe: Rant. Pin
David O'Neil14-Jul-20 9:08
professionalDavid O'Neil14-Jul-20 9:08 
GeneralRe: Rant. Pin
RedDk14-Jul-20 7:40
MemberRedDk14-Jul-20 7:40 
GeneralRe: Rant. Pin
David O'Neil14-Jul-20 19:10
professionalDavid O'Neil14-Jul-20 19:10 
GeneralRe: Rant. Pin
DerekT-P14-Jul-20 22:44
professionalDerekT-P14-Jul-20 22:44 
GeneralTime to switch to linux Pin
etkid8415-Jul-20 2:21
Memberetkid8415-Jul-20 2:21 
GeneralRe: Rant. Pin
DerekT-P15-Jul-20 2:54
professionalDerekT-P15-Jul-20 2:54 
GeneralRe: Rant. Pin
DerekT-P20-Jul-20 8:39
professionalDerekT-P20-Jul-20 8:39 
GeneralRIP Grant Imahara Pin
k505414-Jul-20 0:44
mvek505414-Jul-20 0:44 
GeneralRe: RIP Grant Imahara Pin
F-ES Sitecore14-Jul-20 1:13
mveF-ES Sitecore14-Jul-20 1:13 
GeneralRe: RIP Grant Imahara Pin
#realJSOP14-Jul-20 9:25
mva#realJSOP14-Jul-20 9:25 
GeneralRe: RIP Grant Imahara Pin
CodeWraith14-Jul-20 1:54
MemberCodeWraith14-Jul-20 1:54 
GeneralRe: RIP Grant Imahara Pin
musefan14-Jul-20 2:21
Membermusefan14-Jul-20 2:21 
GeneralRe: RIP Grant Imahara Pin
CodeWraith14-Jul-20 3:11
MemberCodeWraith14-Jul-20 3:11 
GeneralRe: RIP Grant Imahara Pin
musefan14-Jul-20 4:04
Membermusefan14-Jul-20 4:04 
GeneralRe: RIP Grant Imahara Pin
CodeWraith14-Jul-20 4:54
MemberCodeWraith14-Jul-20 4:54 

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