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GeneralRe: +7 +5 -2 -5 -7 -5 Pin
Richard MacCutchan4-Apr-21 6:43
mveRichard MacCutchan4-Apr-21 6:43 
GeneralRe: +7 +5 -2 -5 -7 -5 Pin
Kenneth Haugland4-Apr-21 7:19
mvaKenneth Haugland4-Apr-21 7:19 
GeneralRe: +7 +5 -2 -5 -7 -5 Pin
Nelek4-Apr-21 13:12
protectorNelek4-Apr-21 13:12 
AnswerRe: +7 +5 -2 -5 -7 -5 Pin
SeanChupas5-Apr-21 2:11
MemberSeanChupas5-Apr-21 2:11 
GeneralRe: +7 +5 -2 -5 -7 -5 Pin
obermd5-Apr-21 4:35
Memberobermd5-Apr-21 4:35 
RantWhy am I UTC-4? Pin
Peter_in_27803-Apr-21 21:08
professionalPeter_in_27803-Apr-21 21:08 
GeneralRe: Why am I UTC-4? Pin
RickZeeland3-Apr-21 22:04
mveRickZeeland3-Apr-21 22:04 
RantWhy am I near Aberdeen? (updated - see my own reply) Pin
DerekT-P3-Apr-21 11:56
professionalDerekT-P3-Apr-21 11:56 
[major rant alert]. I use Google Maps a lot - for lots of reasons. Until earlier this week, it always opened to my home location, near Watford, UK. A few days ago, it started opening at a remote location - not even any roads - about 20 miles west of Aberdeen, Scotland. This is running on Chrome, Windows 10. After a lot of searching and googling, it transpires that it used to be possible to set your default location via Google Maps itself, but this is no longer the case.

Instead you can do this via Win10's settings. First you set "allow access to location", then you click "Set Default". Sounds hopeful. Except I get a non-standard, non-draggable, pop-up error that says "You'll need a new app to open this ms-default-location link". First off, I didn't click a "link", I clicked a button. Next, it doesn't tell me which new app I'll need. Further, there's a "Close" button on the dialog, but it's disabled. Clicking it does nothing. The only way to Close the pop-up is to click anywhere on screen other than the Close button.

So it seems that "Set Default" is pretty useless, at least without some "app" that MS doesn't tell me about.

Lots more googling. Seems it needs to use Microsoft's "Maps" app. So this is a Windows 10 setting, accessible and used by 3rd parties, that can only be set via Microsoft's own application. I thought that sort of thing was ruled inadmissible back in the IE vs Netscape wars?? Anyway, I uninstalled the Maps app years ago, shortly after getting this laptop. The default location has worked fine for at least 30 months, and certainly without putting me somewhere in forests of northeast Scotland.

So I google Microsoft Maps app, and I get a page that tells me it's Free, and has a big GET button, which I click. That opens (eventually) the Microsoft store "app" which has the exact same layout as the webpage, same info, and the same "GET" button - which I click. That gives me, eventually, the one word at top-left of the store screen, "Error". No diagnostics, no different options, no help, just "Error". I close MS Store and re-open it. Now instead of a "GET" button and the word "Error", I have "Install" and "You own this app."

I click Install. The "You own this app" is replaced by "Error" and intermittent circling dots (like the ones at Windows startup). Checking in Task Manager, there's no activity on the network, and CPU and disk are effectively idle, so it's not like anything's going to happen if I wait.

Eventually I close and restart the MS Store. Again, click "Install", get "Error", but this time "Install" is replaced with a button that says "See Details". Now it tells me that Windows Update is disabled, but that I can "repair" it by running the Windows Update troubleshooter in Settings. If it's disabled (which is it), why does it need "repair"?? I've been trying to disable Windows Update for years, following every piece of advice I can find. I still get nagged about updates, and I still actually get updates, usually at the time I least need them, and often end up with something no longer working that worked fine before.

I'm guessing that Windows has eventually decided this "version" is "no longer supported" (whatever happened to Win10 being the last version ever...?) and that as part of that lack of "support" it's now shutting down previous functionality (like supplying the default location to programs that ask for it). It's like MS have banished me to the Scottish woods as punishment.

Remind me how many billions of copies of this crap are running worldwide? How many trillions of man-hours wasted by people just trying to do the stuff they used to be able to do... How have these people escaped being locked up and the key thrown away... Cry | :(( Confused | :confused: Dead | X|

(P.S. In the old days, the default location would have been squirrelled away in some Registry setting. I'm guessing it's not so straightforward as that any more, but if it is, can anyone tell me where??)

modified 4-Apr-21 15:45pm.

JokeRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
Daniel Pfeffer3-Apr-21 13:19
professionalDaniel Pfeffer3-Apr-21 13:19 
GeneralRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
DerekT-P3-Apr-21 22:22
professionalDerekT-P3-Apr-21 22:22 
GeneralRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
Daniel Pfeffer3-Apr-21 23:19
professionalDaniel Pfeffer3-Apr-21 23:19 
GeneralRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
Nelek4-Apr-21 13:21
protectorNelek4-Apr-21 13:21 
GeneralRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
DerekT-P5-Apr-21 6:52
professionalDerekT-P5-Apr-21 6:52 
GeneralRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
Nelek6-Apr-21 4:09
protectorNelek6-Apr-21 4:09 
GeneralRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
Greg Utas3-Apr-21 13:57
mveGreg Utas3-Apr-21 13:57 
GeneralRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
markrlondon3-Apr-21 15:52
Membermarkrlondon3-Apr-21 15:52 
GeneralRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
DerekT-P3-Apr-21 22:17
professionalDerekT-P3-Apr-21 22:17 
GeneralRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
OriginalGriff3-Apr-21 19:46
mveOriginalGriff3-Apr-21 19:46 
GeneralRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
DerekT-P3-Apr-21 22:14
professionalDerekT-P3-Apr-21 22:14 
GeneralRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
OriginalGriff3-Apr-21 22:29
mveOriginalGriff3-Apr-21 22:29 
GeneralRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
Nelek4-Apr-21 13:22
protectorNelek4-Apr-21 13:22 
GeneralRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
OriginalGriff4-Apr-21 20:33
mveOriginalGriff4-Apr-21 20:33 
JokeRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
Daniel Pfeffer4-Apr-21 21:00
professionalDaniel Pfeffer4-Apr-21 21:00 
JokeRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
Nelek6-Apr-21 4:11
protectorNelek6-Apr-21 4:11 
GeneralRe: Why am I near Aberdeen? Pin
DerekT-P4-Apr-21 9:44
professionalDerekT-P4-Apr-21 9:44 

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