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GeneralEndly... Pin
Nelek16-Apr-21 3:23
protectorNelek16-Apr-21 3:23 
GeneralRe: Endly... Pin
Maximilien16-Apr-21 3:51
MemberMaximilien16-Apr-21 3:51 
GeneralRe: Endly... Pin
Nelek16-Apr-21 4:39
protectorNelek16-Apr-21 4:39 
GeneralRe: Endly... Pin
David Crow16-Apr-21 7:52
MemberDavid Crow16-Apr-21 7:52 
GeneralRe: Endly... Pin
Nelek16-Apr-21 9:40
protectorNelek16-Apr-21 9:40 
GeneralRe: Endly... Pin
megaadam16-Apr-21 10:40
professionalmegaadam16-Apr-21 10:40 
GeneralRe: Endly... Pin
Nelek17-Apr-21 1:25
protectorNelek17-Apr-21 1:25 
GeneralSound of the Week Pin
Sander Rossel15-Apr-21 23:21
professionalSander Rossel15-Apr-21 23:21 
Liturgy - High Gold[^]

Another black metal one, second week in a row! OMG | :OMG:
Great news for @jorgen_andersson who thoroughly enjoys these Big Grin | :-D
I kind of found this one by mistake.
Favorited it once, never listened to again, until last week.
The intro is a bit weird and may suggest it turns into something electronic, but you couldn't be further from the truth.
It's somewhat eclectic and by no means easy listening, not even to a black metal audience Laugh | :laugh:
Apparently, the band made an appearance on The Blacklist, the television series, but I've never seen that one.
Fun fact that you probably wouldn't have guessed: the band leader and vocalist is a woman Big Grin | :-D

GeneralRe: Sound of the Week Pin
TX643016-Apr-21 0:15
MemberTX643016-Apr-21 0:15 
GeneralRe: Sound of the Week Pin
Sander Rossel16-Apr-21 2:12
professionalSander Rossel16-Apr-21 2:12 
GeneralRe: Sound of the Week Pin
musefan16-Apr-21 3:24
Membermusefan16-Apr-21 3:24 
GeneralRe: Sound of the Week Pin
Sander Rossel17-Apr-21 2:09
professionalSander Rossel17-Apr-21 2:09 
GeneralNow do you find a user from his username? Pin
OriginalGriff15-Apr-21 23:00
mveOriginalGriff15-Apr-21 23:00 
GeneralRe: Now do you find a user from his username? Pin
Nelek15-Apr-21 23:09
protectorNelek15-Apr-21 23:09 
GeneralRe: Now do you find a user from his username? Pin
Sander Rossel15-Apr-21 23:12
professionalSander Rossel15-Apr-21 23:12 
GeneralRe: Now do you find a user from his username? Pin
OriginalGriff15-Apr-21 23:21
mveOriginalGriff15-Apr-21 23:21 
GeneralRe: Now do you find a user from his username? Pin
W Balboos, GHB16-Apr-21 0:54
mveW Balboos, GHB16-Apr-21 0:54 
GeneralCCC Pin
Rich Leyshon15-Apr-21 22:03
MemberRich Leyshon15-Apr-21 22:03 
GeneralRe: CCC Pin
OriginalGriff15-Apr-21 22:41
mveOriginalGriff15-Apr-21 22:41 
GeneralRe: CCC Pin
Rich Leyshon15-Apr-21 22:43
MemberRich Leyshon15-Apr-21 22:43 
GeneralRe: CCC Pin
Greg Utas16-Apr-21 0:08
mvaGreg Utas16-Apr-21 0:08 
GeneralRe: CCC - Winner! Pin
Rich Leyshon16-Apr-21 0:16
MemberRich Leyshon16-Apr-21 0:16 
GeneralRe: CCC - Winner! Pin
Greg Utas16-Apr-21 0:23
mvaGreg Utas16-Apr-21 0:23 
GeneralLeadership fail! Pin
5teveH15-Apr-21 20:52
Member5teveH15-Apr-21 20:52 
GeneralRe: Leadership fail! Pin
Sander Rossel15-Apr-21 22:19
professionalSander Rossel15-Apr-21 22:19 

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