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GeneralRe: Blast from the past Pin
Mike Hankey26-Oct-21 17:34
professionalMike Hankey26-Oct-21 17:34 
GeneralRe: Blast from the past Pin
BryanFazekas28-Oct-21 3:18
MemberBryanFazekas28-Oct-21 3:18 
GeneralSome things never change.... Pin
charlieg26-Oct-21 4:58
Membercharlieg26-Oct-21 4:58 
GeneralRe: Some things never change.... Pin
Greg Utas26-Oct-21 5:05
mveGreg Utas26-Oct-21 5:05 
GeneralRe: Some things never change.... Pin
charlieg26-Oct-21 5:20
Membercharlieg26-Oct-21 5:20 
GeneralRe: Some things never change.... Pin
Nelek26-Oct-21 8:08
protectorNelek26-Oct-21 8:08 
GeneralRe: Some things never change.... Pin
obermd26-Oct-21 8:22
Memberobermd26-Oct-21 8:22 
GeneralRe: Some things never change.... Pin
charlieg26-Oct-21 11:27
Membercharlieg26-Oct-21 11:27 
in all fairness, they do try. I only get pissed off when they want to close a ticket that's been open 8 months. Makes them look bad. Have they fixed it? No.

what's entertaining is that years ago IT outsourced everything office to Microsoft. So we're now in the Microsoft support loop, which if I'm being polite is an oxymoron. Anyone who has ever gone out to the Microsoft support anything forums gags at the polite, "we are very sorry this has happened to you" garbage.

context of the issue: I'm a contractor, I have a number of machines that I use to support my customers. I want to be able to use Teams from any of the machines, so I can stay in touch. None of the machines will log into Teams.

Suggestion 1: Have you tried uninstalling and installing Teams?
me: thinking, wtf would I do that?

After considering it a bit, why not try, no need to be a beech. So I do, uninstall, go to the link to download, smooth, shazzham it works now. I'm pleasantly surprised.

Go to the laptop, uninstall Teams, use the *exact* same download link - Microsoft won't download, they want me to shop. Surely cookie driven, but really, whatever happened to going to the html link?
plowed through it, Teams installed back to the same error.

We now have the sad situation where IT can shrug its shoulders and say, "Hey, Microsoft, what ya gonna do?"
Charlie Gilley
<italic>Stuck in a dysfunctional matrix from which I must escape...

"Where liberty dwells, there is my country." B. Franklin, 1783
“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” BF, 1759

GeneralHi Pin
phil.o26-Oct-21 3:44
mvephil.o26-Oct-21 3:44 
GeneralRe: Hi Pin
Greg Utas26-Oct-21 3:46
mveGreg Utas26-Oct-21 3:46 
GeneralRe: Hi Pin
phil.o26-Oct-21 5:23
mvephil.o26-Oct-21 5:23 
GeneralRe: Hi Pin
OriginalGriff26-Oct-21 4:07
mveOriginalGriff26-Oct-21 4:07 
GeneralRe: Hi Pin
phil.o26-Oct-21 5:22
mvephil.o26-Oct-21 5:22 
GeneralRe: Hi Pin
OriginalGriff26-Oct-21 5:37
mveOriginalGriff26-Oct-21 5:37 
GeneralRe: Hi Pin
phil.o26-Oct-21 6:39
mvephil.o26-Oct-21 6:39 
GeneralRe: Hi Pin
Gerry Schmitz26-Oct-21 7:44
mveGerry Schmitz26-Oct-21 7:44 
GeneralRe: Hi Pin
Richard Andrew x6426-Oct-21 8:42
professionalRichard Andrew x6426-Oct-21 8:42 
GeneralRe: Hi Pin
honey the codewitch26-Oct-21 4:13
mvahoney the codewitch26-Oct-21 4:13 
GeneralRe: Hi Pin
phil.o26-Oct-21 5:10
mvephil.o26-Oct-21 5:10 
GeneralRe: Hi Pin
honey the codewitch26-Oct-21 6:07
mvahoney the codewitch26-Oct-21 6:07 
GeneralRe: Hi Pin
phil.o30-Oct-21 23:49
mvephil.o30-Oct-21 23:49 
GeneralRe: Hi Pin
honey the codewitch31-Oct-21 4:53
mvahoney the codewitch31-Oct-21 4:53 
GeneralRe: Hi Pin
Mike Hankey26-Oct-21 5:04
professionalMike Hankey26-Oct-21 5:04 
GeneralRe: Hi Pin
phil.o26-Oct-21 5:23
mvephil.o26-Oct-21 5:23 
GeneralRe: Hi Pin
Nelek26-Oct-21 8:13
protectorNelek26-Oct-21 8:13 

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