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Daniel is a senior engineer in Technology and Research at the Office of the CTO at Microsoft, working on next generation systems.

Previously Daniel was a nine-time Microsoft MVP and co-founder of Outcoder, a Swiss software and consulting company.

Daniel is the author of Windows Phone 8 Unleashed and Windows Phone 7.5 Unleashed, both published by SAMS.

Daniel is the developer behind several acclaimed mobile apps including Surfy Browser for Android and Windows Phone. Daniel is the creator of a number of popular open-source projects, most notably Codon.

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GeneralNew blog Pin
Daniel Vaughan7-Jan-08 20:47
MemberDaniel Vaughan7-Jan-08 20:47 
GeneralRe: New blog Pin
pradeepsisodia23-May-12 22:07
Memberpradeepsisodia23-May-12 22:07 
GeneralRe: New blog Pin
Daniel Vaughan24-May-12 0:12
MemberDaniel Vaughan24-May-12 0:12 
GeneralLegion released Pin
Daniel Vaughan25-Dec-07 21:07
MemberDaniel Vaughan25-Dec-07 21:07 
GeneralCreating a Class Diagram in a Silverlight 1.1 Project Pin
Daniel Vaughan18-Dec-07 17:52
MemberDaniel Vaughan18-Dec-07 17:52 
GeneralRe: Creating a Class Diagram in a Silverlight 1.1 Project Pin
Dustin Metzgar26-Dec-07 10:44
MemberDustin Metzgar26-Dec-07 10:44 
GeneralRe: Creating a Class Diagram in a Silverlight 1.1 Project Pin
Daniel Vaughan26-Dec-07 15:28
MemberDaniel Vaughan26-Dec-07 15:28 
GeneralMore on the Silverlight 1.1 September refresh BCL HtmlTimer Pin
Daniel Vaughan18-Dec-07 0:55
MemberDaniel Vaughan18-Dec-07 0:55 
GeneralDisable obsolete warning in Visual Studio with pragma Pin
Daniel Vaughan6-Dec-07 17:47
MemberDaniel Vaughan6-Dec-07 17:47 
GeneralClog WPF edition released Pin
Daniel Vaughan2-Dec-07 1:24
MemberDaniel Vaughan2-Dec-07 1:24 
GeneralRe: Clog WPF edition released Pin
Daniel Vaughan3-Dec-07 15:28
MemberDaniel Vaughan3-Dec-07 15:28 
GeneralPowerShell script to clean solution for article submission Pin
Daniel Vaughan2-Dec-07 1:20
MemberDaniel Vaughan2-Dec-07 1:20 
GeneralVisual Studio jump to file and line Pin
Daniel Vaughan25-Nov-07 16:48
MemberDaniel Vaughan25-Nov-07 16:48 
GeneralWPF, get URL of browser page Pin
Daniel Vaughan24-Nov-07 18:19
MemberDaniel Vaughan24-Nov-07 18:19 
GeneralIP Address of Client in WCF Pin
Daniel Vaughan24-Nov-07 17:45
MemberDaniel Vaughan24-Nov-07 17:45 
NewsClog initial release Pin
Daniel Vaughan23-Nov-07 16:24
MemberDaniel Vaughan23-Nov-07 16:24 
GeneralRe: Clog initial release Pin
Daniel Vaughan19-Dec-07 2:01
MemberDaniel Vaughan19-Dec-07 2:01 
RantRe: Clog initial release Pin
anakonda3425-Feb-09 6:27
Memberanakonda3425-Feb-09 6:27 

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