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Beer | [beer]

Hochschule Furtwangen University - 09/2011 - 03/2015 Bachelor Degree of Science
Working as Student at Company - 09/2013 - 03/2015

Working as Software Developer - 04/2015 - Now



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GeneralRules for the FOSW Pin
HobbyProggy30-Jul-15 2:48
professionalHobbyProggy30-Jul-15 2:48 
GeneralHad to save this Pin
HobbyProggy8-May-15 2:50
professionalHobbyProggy8-May-15 2:50 
My most loved answer of me in the Lounge on a technical question Beer | [beer]

Well therer might be a problem with your hardware, mostly the processing units. According to what you described there are also other problems, like misinterpretation of the application, maybe there is a bug if it's not working for some users according to missing eligibilities and therefore capabilities to understand correctly for the processing unit. The object on this session gets lost because it's not treated the right way in this application or by the processing unit and the user.

I would recommend you to get deeper information on the problem
then try what has already be given "Turn off and on again"
or try to give the processing unit of the user this manual[^] to understand the application better

Just couldn't hold to save it for eternity Big Grin | :-D
if(this.signature != "")
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    MessageBox.Show("404-Signature not found");

GeneralJoke about the german school system (translated) Pin
HobbyProggy10-Oct-14 2:45
professionalHobbyProggy10-Oct-14 2:45 
GeneralRe: Joke about the german school system (translated) Pin
super24-Mar-15 23:52
professionalsuper24-Mar-15 23:52 

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