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Carlo Queirolo, 45 years old, MCP, living with Antonella and father of Tommaso
(Thomas), is a eighteen-years-experienced entreprise programmer. He was born in
Genoa (Italy) and now he lives in Milan (Italy). Carlo mainly works for client-server
and database development. Feel free to reach Carlo at
Currently, he's looking for a job or contract (everywhere).

My .NET web site


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Naxos Development is a relatively new software design and development company producing a range of high quality products for .NET developers.

Naxos Development was launched under another name in 1992 by a small group of IT professionals who begun their activity in this field in the early 80’s.

The company recently changed its name and became Naxos Development. This happened when one of the founding members bought all the shares of the original company and decided to enter the global market. Naxos Development, based in Milan (Italy), was created specifically with the aim of marketing its products on the Internet. The founders of Naxos Development have been working in software design and development for more than 20 years; the Naxos Development team consists of highly skilled, enthusiastic and strongly motivated people, with long standing experience in the IT and programming fields.
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