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I work in deep embedded code for automotive purposes, my usual system resources are less than 8 kB of RAM and clocks of 20 - 50 Mhz. This means that I normally write C code with the occasional Assembly.

I used to work for an industrial equipment company for automated food inspection, we needed real time controls of various hardware (some custom made) and high processing power. We also used antiquated tools (VERY legacy code) so I have too much experience on VB6, C++/98 and IA-32 (x86) Assembly with all the SSE sets up to SSE4.1.

I also use C# but I am in no way a .NET expert, I kinda despise its "documentation" provided by MS and the constant paradigm changes introduced only to sell us another shiny product that will be discontinued in 5 to 10 years.

During my brief (but not enough) stint as a consultant I did everything barring janitorial duties, in Italy consultancy is a fancy word for unregulated body-rental and it shoud burn to the ground until not even ashes remain.

I have four rules:
1) Company paid time is for company work, personal time is for personal work or leisure.
2) If it's not written down I decline any responsibility for misunderstandings, missing / bad features or simple forgetfulness. Write it down or try your luck.
3) No coworkers on social medias. Coworker != Friend and it reduces the danger of snitching.
4) Pay = Time * Productiveness. Promise me raises and then withdraw them at your own peril.



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GeneralMy favourite tools Pin
den2k8824-Mar-21 23:47
professionalden2k8824-Mar-21 23:47 
Considering most of these are not free I guess it would be considered spam in any forum. So here lies a list of some of my favourite tools that assist my job, coming from ten years of professional experience.

Syntevo SmartGit. It can be used for free but it's cheap enough that it's worthy of purchase. Available for Windows, Windows Portable, Linux and Mac.

Scooter Software BeyondCompare. Cheap as dirt and I think it should be categorized an industry standard given its ubiquity.

WholeTomato Visual Assist X . Not as cheap as the others above but it adds to the features of VS. While VS 2019 is already quite good there are still many added functionalities, not least a grest Find Reference and a differentiated highlighting for symbols that uses different colors for read and write accesses to the symbol under the caret. Works in all VAX windows, even the Find References.
Adds snippets triggered by typed shortcuts (e.g. you may choose that when you tipe #ig it automatically creates the inclusion guard, //f the comment with long file description, etc).
Priceless if you are forced to use some old VS version, supports up to VS6, for which it is indispensable.

Baretail. The tail -f command, for Windows, in a graphic environment, with a grep + highlight interface to help in scanning files. It is shareware with optional payment, I paid for it after 6 years of free usage because it deserves all the money it can get.
GCS d--(d+) s-/++ a C++++ U+++ P- L+@ E-- W++ N+ o+ K- w+++ O? M-- V? PS+ PE- Y+ PGP t+ 5? X R+++ tv-- b+(+++) DI+++ D++ G e++ h--- r+++ y+++*      Weapons extension: ma- k++ F+2 X

GeneralMagic symbols Pin
den2k8826-Apr-16 2:53
professionalden2k8826-Apr-16 2:53 

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