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I am a highly productive, well experienced, open minded, good problem solver and have been described productive as a whole department by my co-workers.

I have worked in London City for 3 years for a company called "The National Solicitors' Network", which consited of approximately 3000 legal firms, as a network administrator and systems developer where we made a distribution and reporting system that automated allocation of legal work, such as mortaging, between members and large financial clients.

I have also worked for various government beurous in Iceland such as the Custom Beurou and the National Archives. I was the network administrator for the Custom Baurou which also handles the collection of all tax revenue for the Icelandic state in Reykjavik. I was a system developer for the National Arhcives and worked there on 4 projects, digitalising 10 national censususes, I created an indexing system for court rulings dating back to the 16th century, worked on a distributed system that digitised church censuses by downloading a picture of the original manuscript to the registrant allowing him to enter the information. Lastly I greated a new main inventory system for the National Archives by merging delivery files, storage files, registry of document generators, registry of local archivers and location registry into one centralised system, intended to store records of objects archived from all official governmental bureaus and report generators in the country of Iceland.

If you find this solution useful and would like to support me you could donate to my paypal account. This would be greatly appreciated Smile | :)


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