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Hello all,

I am using autobahn websocket[^] to create communication between my server and android client. When I hosted my web socket on my site IIS and connect from my android, it is working fine.
Site URL to connect: "ws://".

But when I connect it to same server through Local Area Network with IP Address, I got problem. Connection was opened. Then it closed with the error "Websocket protocol violation".
LAN URL to connect: "ws://[MyApplicationName_ON_IIS]/WSockets/WSHttpHandler.ashx?name=android". URL should be correct because connection can be openned. But why it was closed?

This is what I found on autobahn website about this error -
Autobahn will NOT validate the bytes of a text payload being sent for actually being valid UTF8. You MUST ensure that you only provide valid UTF8 when sending text messages. If you produce invalid UTF8, a conforming WebSocket peer will close the WebSocket connection due to the protocol violation.

But I don't know what to do my payload with UTF8.

In my websocket handler, when client connected, I just Broadcast the message like below.
public override void OnOpen()
       = this.WebSocketContext.QueryString["name"];
                clients.Broadcast(name + " has connected.");
            catch (Exception ex)
                throw ex;

And it is working perfectly when I connect through WAN.

Please advise.

Thanks in advanced

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