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I am making compatible my 4.o web application from IE9 browser to IE11. some times as per program logic I have only one item to display in the dropdown list. I am using <asp:DropDownList ID="DropDownList1" runat="server">

But, I am facing some compatibility issues. The drop down is appearing as struck when clicked on a dropdown image in IE11 if the list has only one element. But when I do the same in IE9 browser the list is coming down for one item also. If the list has more than one element, both the browsers are displaying same.

Images are attached in the link given Below:[^]

Please let me know, how to achieve same functionality in both browsers, without forcing the IE11 browser to run in compatibility mode. Can I achieve this by using CSS ?
Updated 26-Jun-15 5:27am
Sreekanth Mothukuru 23-Jun-15 6:37am    
It is the default browser behaviour to display dropdown list item. I think we cannot change this IE behaviour.

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Forget that. It make no sense to mimic old behavior on new browser. How other browser like Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome works?

I don't thing that those details are defined and if so, then the new behavior would surely be the right one.

By the way, the old IE way is a bad design. Why would you let user drop down a list if the list has a single item in it?

Probably that the old behavior is a limitation of older browser that was using Windows standard controls with all their limitations in particular for scaling and styling.

With Windows 10 about to be released, I thing one should not invest much time trying to fix minor difference that have almost no value in the end. Probably that 99% of people would never notice such details and from the remaining 1%, another 99% of those don't care if the drop down has either look.

Why someone would spend hours to fix things like that or worst use compatibility mode for such minor things.
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Kush Kushal 24-Jun-15 4:34am    
For other browsers (chrome), the list is appearing for one item also. Only for IE11 I am getting this issue.

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