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when i give whole of fellow name search function is doing well.The problem is when i give partial fellow name it is always displaying "no record". Can anyone please help me out.This is really urgent.My coding is in C#(winforms)
Updated 1-Jul-15 20:36pm

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The code you provided is prone to SQL injection. Always use Parameters.Add() to add parameters/dynamic values to your SqlCommand object. However, I think you helper(MySqlHelper) does not support that. You can change your helper if you want your code to be more secure.

Coming back to the problem you are facing:
You are not using wild card characters(%) in your search query. Replace the SQLCommand query with the one given below:

DataTable dtSearch = VMR.MySqlHelper.GetDataTable("select * from table_name where S_ID = '" + txtSearch.Text + "' OR Fellow_name like '%" + txtSearch1.Text + "%'");
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Member 11793580 30-Jun-15 1:39am    
Thanks for the response.
I replaced the query with the one u have given but it is not displaying names when i give part of name.
I have used parameters in insert code.
Abhipal Singh 30-Jun-15 2:36am    
Can you provide sample data from your database and also, the input you are giving in the textbox.
Abhipal Singh 30-Jun-15 2:52am    
select * from table_name where S_ID = '" + txtSearch.Text + "' OR Fellow_name like '%A-Z%';

In the above query you have hardcoded A-Z which is incorrect. You need to replace it with txtSearch1.Text as suggested in the solution.

To test the query replace the 'A-Z' with 'da' as given below:
select * from table_name where S_ID = '" + txtSearch.Text + "' OR Fellow_name like '%da%';
Member 11793580 30-Jun-15 2:55am    
But if i mention %da% it will give only those two names.I want search criteria on all of the names in the database i.e., names starting from A till Z.
Abhipal Singh 30-Jun-15 3:02am    
All the names will start from albhabets I believe. That means it is not a filter at all.

The query in Solution will handle this situation. You can keep your textbox as empty and click on search and you will get all the names.

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