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Hi guys, I need help with my queue number generator.

Basically, i need to generate a 5 character string with the letter 'A' at the front followed by 4 random numbers



Random random = new Random();
int length = 5;

for (int i = 0; i < length; i++)
	//if random.Next() == 0 then we generate a random character
	if (random.Next(0, 3) == 0)
		tb_queuenum.Text += ((char)random.Next(65, 91)).ToString();
	else //if random.Next() == 0 then we generate a random digit
		tb_queuenum.Text += random.Next(0, 9);

These are my codes right now, any help will be deeply appreciated <3
If there's a better alternative to my codes please share.
God bless.
Updated 6-Jul-15 10:59am
[no name] 6-Jul-15 16:58pm    
Help... with what? You did not describe any kind of problem....

1 solution

Not sure what exactly your issue is, but you did ask if there was a better way to achieve this.

int min = 0;
int max = 9999;

Random random = new Random();
int randomInt = random.Next(min, max);

var randomValue = String.Format("A{0:D4}", randomInt);
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