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Here's the issue:

Example: If I open an rtf file in Notepad and insert the following string somewhere,

{\field{\*\fldinst { HYPERLINK "TEST LINK" }}{\fldrslt {TEST}}}

save the file (as .rtf) and then load it into a RichTextBox, the link shows up as a clickable, underlined link. Great. This is what I want, a hyperlink with a non-standard link type (i.e. not one of the "standard" link types like file:/// or http:/// etc., just a plain old text link.)

HOWEVER, trying to insert the link directly into the richtextbox at runtime, like this:
(assume the selection is not nothing)

SelectedRtf="\rtf1\ansi {\field{\*\fldinst { HYPERLINK ""TEST LINK"" }}{\fldrslt {TEST}}}"

Fails to modify the rtf. Why is this?

Updated 16-Jul-15 9:35am

1 solution

Can you please clarify one thing :
Do you want something like this:

instead of as a link in a rich text box , is that right?
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Kalkidas 17-Jul-15 8:40am    
No. I want to be able to hyperlink any text whatsoever in a richtextbox, so that it persists when the file is saved. But I'm wondering why I can't modify the rtf directly at runtime by inserting the HYPERLINK string I posted. Try the procedure I outlined and see what I mean. BTW I already know about I am trying to improve it.

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