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I am web developer
Tell me what does this Error Mean?
Please Help me!
Updated 11-Aug-10 4:19am
Dalek Dave 11-Aug-10 10:20am    
Edited for Spelling! Directory Listing Denied!

The error says that there is no default page, and the web server is configured to deny a directory listing. It comes up when you navigate to a folder without specifying a document name in the URL.

The proper thing to do is put in a default page. If you are using IIS 6, you can do this by selecting your website, then opening the Default Document applet; in IIS 5, open your site's Properties form and go to the Documents tab. From here, you can create an ordered list of documents that IIS will try to serve up when no document is given. For websites using .NET, the standard is Default.aspx. Older web servers might use default.asp, index.html or index.htm. It is an ordered list, so if the first document name is not found, the server will try to deliver the second one, then the third, and so on. If none of the documents on the list are found in the folder, the server will see if it can send a directory listing. If not, it just throws up it's hands in frustration and delivers the error message.

You can also permit directory browsing, although this is universally considered a Bad Idea, especially for public sites.
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Dalek Dave 11-Aug-10 10:49am    
Well that was a more comprehensive answer that mine! :)
Gregory Gadow 11-Aug-10 11:00am    
Eh, slow day at work.
A DLD error is shown when there is no Index file in the requested directory.

The Index file is the HTML file that displays when a browser requests the URL.

No index, no luck!
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