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Dear Brothers.

I am working on a Windows Application, which is a type of Payroll system. I have seen many windows applications which does not consist only one EXE but they have also DLL Files.
So, I am unable to understand that what are the DLL Files and Why are they being used while we can do every thing in our EXE.

If DLL Files are so important then why I have not felt any need of any DLL in my project.

I mean, that where we Should Use DLL files and what is written in a DLL file and what are the benefits of DLL Files.

Can some one please explain?

1 solution

In fact, you do use DLL's... you just don't know it. Any time you make a reference to some .Net class (e.g., System.Text.StringBuilder), you are making use of a DLL. However, your EXE is built with the assumption that these .Net DLL's will be on the computer that your EXE gets deployed to, so they are not placed in the bin folder when you compile.

You can also make use of third party libraries by referencing their DLL. Those would be included in the bin folder when you compile. You can even make your own DLL's... you just create a class library. Others can then reference that DLL and make use of the classes inside it.
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