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I have a varchar field CaseNo in table which contains the data in this format for eg.
FA/12/2014, FA/11/2015, FA/12/2015, FA/11/2014, CC/12/2015, CC/11/2015.
I wanted to sort the result of select query in the following manner


Firstly it should sort first two characters in alphabetic order. And Then the remaining digits in ascending order and result should be like as above..
Is this possible to do so.

It's possible, with a lot of work and a temporary table: Converting comma separated data in a column to rows for selection[^] gives you a start by splitting each entry to a separate row. But it's a poor idea: you should really be using a separate table for each value, with a foreign key back to the relevant row. And then store it in separate fields so your sorting becomes trivial.
When you want to display it, you then add the columns together to produce the data for display and use a JOIN to "reassemble" the data with it's parent row.
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You can use below query to get desired result.

SELECT columnName  FROM TableName
ORDER BY SUBSTRING(columnName,0,3) ,SUBSTRING(columnName,7,4), SUBSTRING(columnName,4,7)

Note: If you have lots of rows in table, it might have some performance impact. In that case you can keep values in auto calculated columns and apply sorting on that.
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As OriginalGriff pointed out, never store several values in a single column. Doing so will introduce a whole bunch of unnecessary complexity in your program, for example the question you're currently asking.

If you would have three columns, you could easily define the sorting as
ORDER BY Col1, Col2, Col3

And that's it. No complexity at all.

If, for some reason, you need the database to be able to show the three fields concatenated together, you can always so it in the select statement, use a view or create a computed column.
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Here is the solution
select * from temp
   order by
   left(columnA,2) asc ,
   right(columnA,4) asc,
   cast(replace(replace(columnA,left(columnA,3),''),right(columnA,5),'') as int) asc
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