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I am trying to build a contact managers program in a console application using a list to store and display the data. I need to view a report that displays a summary of contacts available and then have a menu to allow the user to interact with the program. I have a method to create a contact and a contact object. I also have a method to delete and update a contact in the list but I want have the user to be able to pick a contact and be able to delete the contact. However I am unsure how to do this.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

static void Main(string[] args)
            //Declare the list

            List<Contact> contactList = new List<Contact>();
            //Main Driver
            char menuItem;
             Console.WriteLine("Contact List\n");
            menuItem = GetMenuItem();
            while (menuItem != 'Q')

                ProcessMenuItem(menuItem, contactList);
                menuItem = GetMenuItem();

            Console.WriteLine("\nThank you, goodbye");
        //Returns either a 'C', 'R', 'U', 'D', 'L', or 'X' to the caller
        static char GetMenuItem()
            char menuItem;
            menuItem = char.ToUpper(IOConsole.GetChar("\nPlease pick an item: "));
            while (menuItem != 'C'
                && menuItem != 'R' && menuItem != 'Q' && menuItem != 'U' && menuItem != 'D' && menuItem != 'S' && menuItem != 'L' && menuItem != 'F' && menuItem != 'P' && menuItem != 'T')
                Console.WriteLine("\nError - Invalid menu item");
                menuItem = char.ToUpper(IOConsole.GetChar("\nEnter option or M for menu:"));
            return menuItem;

        static void DisplayMenu()
           Console.WriteLine("C-> Create Contacts");
           Console.WriteLine("R-> Remove Contacts");
           Console.WriteLine("U-> Update Contacts");
           Console.WriteLine("D -> Load data from file");
           Console.WriteLine("S-> Save data to file");
           Console.WriteLine("L-> View sorted by last name");
           Console.WriteLine("F-> View sorted by first name");
           Console.WriteLine("P-> View by partial name search");
           Console.WriteLine("T-> View by contact type");
           Console.WriteLine("Q-> Quit");

        //Routes to the appropriate process routine based on the user menu choice
        static void ProcessMenuItem(Char menuItem, List<Contact> contactList)
            switch (menuItem)
                case 'C':
                case 'R':
                case 'U':
                case 'D':
                case 'S':
                case 'L':
                case 'F':
                case 'P':
                case 'T':
                case 'Q':

//allows the user to remove a contact
         public static void removeContact(List<Contact> contactList) 

             for (int i = 0; i < contactList.Count; i++)
               if (i % 5 == 0)
[no name] 28-Jul-15 20:07pm    
How to do what, exactly? "How to do this" means nothing to us. You know how to remove a contact from your list. You know how to get user input. So what is the problem?

1 solution

You need to offer the user a way to pick a contact. The biggest problem is - with a long list - the contract may have scrolled off the screen.

You may want to limit the display to N rows and implement PgUp / PgDn key functionality. You will have to keep track of an index offset into your contact list.

To select a specific row, the easy thing is to use the Up/Down arrow keys to highlight a specific row. Highlighting a row can be done by changing the text background or placing the text in brackets [like this]. The style is at your discretion. You will also have to keep track of the index of the highlighted row.

Modify your DisplayList function to accept two additional parameters - offset and number of rows. Implement the PgUp/PgDn and Up/Dn arrow keys - plus a delete menu, and you're done.
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