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In alert(brands) and alert(categories) i am getting values but it pass null to function (Brand: brands , Categorie: categories) other are working fine

Here is my Code:

function doSomething() {
            var dob = $("#DOB").val();
            var address = $("#Address").val();
            var country = $("#Country").val();
            var pin = $("#Pin").val();
            var c_name = $("#Company_Name").val();
            var c_address = $("#Company_Address").val();
            var c_country = $("#Company_Country").val();
            var c_pin = $("#Company_Pin").val();
            var c_phone = $("#Company_Phone").val();
            var c_email = $("#Company_Email").val();
            var tan = $("#TAN").val();
            var pan = $("#PAN").val();
            var vat = $("#VAT").val();
            var about = $("#About_Business").val();
            var brands = $("#demo-cs-multiselect").val();
            var categories = $("#demo-cs-multiselect1").select;
            var lavel = $("#Lavel").val();
            // alert(lavel);
                cache: false,
                type: "POST",
                async: false,
                data: { DOB: dob, Address: address, Country: country, Pin: pin, Company_Name: c_name, Company_Address: c_address, Company_Country: c_country, Company_Pin: c_pin, Company_Phone: c_phone, Company_Email: c_email, TAN: tan, PAN: pan, VAT: vat, About_Business: about, Brand: brands , Categorie: categories, Lavel: lavel },

                url: "/Home/ProfileComplete",

                success: function (data) {
                error: function (e) {

Updated 7-Aug-15 5:46am
ZurdoDev 6-Aug-15 8:45am    
Your code is all messed up. Please click improve question and fix.
John C Rayan 8-Aug-15 16:44pm    
It is unclear what your problem is. Clear explanation required.
Suket shah 12-Aug-15 5:41am    
can you please clearly mention your requirement.

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