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i have some string value like B162,B161,B160,B159,B158

and i define
string test1 = B159;
string test2= B162;

than how to get all numbers between Test1 nad test2

and button event is
protected void ExportBulkSql(object sender, DirectEventArgs e)
           string buildFrom = B159;
           string buildTo = B162;

how can i get all numbers between buildFrom nad buildTo without array
Here i do not want to use array
Updated 11-Aug-15 1:52am
deepankarbhatnagar 11-Aug-15 8:08am    
Not getting your query...
Maciej Los 11-Aug-15 8:26am    
Replace "B" with empty string, convert string to integer value, make substraction operation and you'll get the count of record between given data.
jinesh sam 21-Aug-15 15:16pm    
Update the Question with Expected Answer

1 solution

String buidfrom=B159;
String buildto=B162;
String buildfrmno=buildfrom.Remove(0,1);
String buildtono=buildto.Remove(0,1);

Int bfrm=int.parse(buildfrmno.Text);
Int bto=int.parse(buidto.Text);
int diff=bto-bfrm;
string btwn="";
for(int i=1;i<=diff;i++)

Total number of records=diff+2;
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Maciej Los 11-Aug-15 17:41pm    
Looks lik java code, not c#...
On the second hand, i think that OP wants to get total number of records that have been affected. My comment to the question was a joke. I wanted to show that the question is unclear.
Arasappan 12-Aug-15 0:10am    
First try and say...U only joking man.. ur not need in array.. then..

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