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Actually I am using below code to print the excel file .
But i am not able to print all worksheets .

Dim oProcess As New System.Diagnostics.Process
With oProcess.StartInfo
  .CreateNoWindow = True
  .WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden
  .Verb = "print"
  .UseShellExecute = True
  .FileName = Application.StartupPath + "\tempcashDeposit.xlsx"
End With

Updated 13-Aug-15 1:38am

At this moment i see that you're using Interop. Why don't you use Excel's methods?

For Each wsh As Worksheet in xlWorkBook.Worksheets

Worksheet.PrintOut Method [^]
For Each...Next Statement (Visual Basic)[^]
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You cannot simply start a process and use it as xlWorkBook in vbs style. From you would need setup com interop yourself. But... I published a helper for use with ExcelDataReader, called ExelDataReaderHelper. It makes it even more easy to read from excel files. without the need for com interop. Maybe this can help you out. The example is in c# but the package should work fine with also.

Additional Helper Methods to the ExcelDataReader Package[^]

Good luck!
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