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How to subtract two datetimepicker time value and display in 3rd datetimepicker.
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Thank you
Wendelius 18-Aug-15 0:17am    
If you subtract two dates, you get a time interval. How would that be shown in a date time picker?
Mekalamani 18-Aug-15 0:35am    
the time interval also in time format also know, so only i ask or otherwise in textbox also no problem

Taken that you use forms, you can use the Subtract[^] method of the DateTime[^]. Consider the following code
IntervalTextBox.Text = dateTimePicker_End.Value.Subtract(dateTimePicker_Start).ToString()

Note that the return value of DateTimePicker.Value Property[^] is a DateTime.
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Hello ,
DateTime.Subtract() method returns you the different of time between two dates .
DateTime first = new DateTime(2015, 08, 18,04,10,21);
DateTime second = System.DateTime.Now;
TimeSpan span = second.Subtract(first);	
Console.WriteLine("{0}  Minutes", span.TotalMinutes);
Console.WriteLine("{0} Hr. ", span.TotalHours);

& OP is
32.214562365  Minutes
0.53690937275  Hr.

Here I used one TimeSpan Class which is used to represent a length of time. For more information Refer : TimeSpan
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