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So I have done some code as I am a noob in programming and I am doing the Game Over program.Here is the code

>>> print("game over")
game over

Because before the I clicked edit with IDLE and then I went to run,then run module and it says invalid syntax.What have I done wrong,sorry for the noob question.

Note-I'm using Python 3.4.3
Updated 19-Aug-15 4:58am
Thomas Daniels 20-Aug-15 10:35am    
Did you actually include the ">>>" in your Python file?

Impossible to give a Solution, because you did not give all details.

If Python says that there is a syntax error, you can be pretty confident that your code is not correct.

The 3 line with "print" is certainly not the module you try to run.
The 3 lines are looking more like a console command.

To give you a real solution, you need to give us more details and the module source code.
For the module code, Copy/Paste the code, don't retype it, exact code matters with Python.

I recommend you to read and follow tutorials. A lot of matter is available on internet, just Google.
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Go to[^] and work through all the samples. It will become clear.
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