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Hi there!

I have a gridview on my page, which I'm binding to a dataset on page_load of the page. I have an edit button in the grid as well.

Prior to my situation, on clicking the "update" button, I would save the changes in the database itself and then retrieve the dataset again from the db and then bind to the gridview. This works fine.

What I want to do is:

I do not want to make the changes in the database directly. I want to save the changes in a dataset. Then later, after some checks, save it the db. I am not able to make changes in the gridview datasource:

If I write:

Dim ds as dataset = ctype(gridview1.datasource,dataset)

It throws an exception of null reference.

I did the debugging, and noticed that the datasource is always set to "Nothing". How do i extract the dataset from the gridview, make changes to it and then bind it again to the gridview?

Updated 18-Aug-10 23:32pm

for each item u have to retrieve the data from the grid and save it in the data table........

Dim dtGridContent As DataTable
dtGridContent = New DataTable
Dim drGridContent As DataRow



For Each row In gridview1.Items
drGridContent = dtGridContent.NewRow()
drGridContent(0) = CType(row.Cells(0).FindControl("cntrl1"), HtmlInputText).Value
drGridContent(1) = CType(row.Cells(1).FindControl("cntrl2"), HtmlInputText).Value
drGridContent(2) = CType(row.Cells(2).FindControl("cntrl3"), HtmlInputText).Value

// save dtGridContent in ur dataset here
Return True

Catch ex As Exception
Return False
End Try
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Dim str As String = "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};Dbq=E:\\mohan\\birthday_reminder\\Send_Bitrhday_emails.mdb;"
Dim con As New OdbcConnection()
con.ConnectionString = str
Dim cmd As New OdbcCommand"select * from Emp_Info",con)
Dim ad As New OdbcDataAdapter(cmd)
Dim ds As New DataSet
GridView1.DataSource = ds.Tables(0)
GridView1.DataBind() 'Till here i m jst displying the actual data(Data which is avail in ur DB)
ds.Tables(0).Rows.Add("6787","yourName","yourEmail","9")'add ur row to the table avail in ds
'Now do the validation as per ur requirement(Which i have nt done)
'Once validation is done , Push the code into the DB(Following 2 lines ll do for u)
Dim bl As New OdbcCommandBuilder(ad)
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