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Course Assign to Teacher
User will select a department from the DropDownList and all the teachers’ name and course code of that specific department will be loaded in the Teacher and Course Code DropDownList. When user will select a teacher, Credit to be taken and Remaining credit will be displayed accordingly. When user will select a course code, Name and Credit of that course will be displayed. You must ensure to avoid overlapping problem. A course cannot be assigned to more than one teacher, i.e. an assigned course cannot be assigned again. If user tries to assign a course, which credit is more than teacher’s remaining credit, system will show an option (Yes/No) dialog box and work accordingly.

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Yeah, way to go. You have the logic, and you're step behind from what you want to implement.

And no (a big no), we're not going to write anything for you. That's is something you need to do.
As I assume, this a homework; it won't entertained here.
If you expect us to do your homework, that's not going to work. There's a pretty good reason behind this: "You won't be learn anything, if you expect others do your work for you".

You can try something on your own at first and when you stuck anywhere, anyone from here would do his/her best to help you out. But don't directly ask for the source code. :laugh:

Thanks to Richard [^],
please read the 6th point from this: A link to the Guidelines

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