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I have a J2ME project in Eclipse with Nokia SDK plugin, in which I use a Canvas skin. The users will press a key to quit the application.
But I don't really know the way to close after key pressing event.
Help me, please!

One simple way (which may not be very elegant, depending on how you have written your midlet): When you create your canvas, do it something like this:

in your Midlet, pass a reference to the Midlet itself to your Canvas constructor:
MyCanvas theCanvas = new MyCanvas(this, ...);

in the Canvas constructor, save the Midlet reference:
class MyCanvas extends Canvas implements CommandListener {
  MyMidlet theMidlet;

  public MyCanvas(MyMidlet m, ...) {
    this.theMidlet = m;


Then, when you want to close the midlet from keyPressed in MyCanvas,
just call theMidlet.destroyApp()

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In your keyPressed handler, just call destroyApp(true).
destroyApp is what the system calls if your midlet is terminated externally, and it should do any cleanup required and call notifyDestroyed().
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You know, keyPressed í available just inside the Canvas class. But the destroyApp and notifyDestroyed are methods of MIDlet class.
How can we call destroyApp(true) in my keyPressed handler?
Please explain me more clearly.
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Thank you a lot, Peter. Your way is really good to solve my problem.
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Peter_in_2780 24-Aug-10 18:09pm    
If you like it, vote for my answer above, and ACCEPT it so your question shows up as answered.
thankx peter :D.. i got stuck with the same problem but now everything is working fine :D
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