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I want to delete and update a row in Gridview but that grid have values of two tables

I'm using following sttement for selecting-
SELECT JobMaster.Country, JobMaster.City, JobMaster.State, JobMaster.EmploymentType, JobMaster.JobTitle, JobMaster.SpecializedArea, JobMaster.Specializedskill, JobMaster.ID, JobMaster.[Post Assign], RAssign.RecruiterID AS Post_Assign FROM JobMaster LEFT OUTER JOIN RAssign ON JobMaster.ID = RAssign.JobID WHERE (RAssign.RecruiterID = @RecruiterID) OR (@RecruiterID IS NULL)

What statement should I use for Update,Insert and for delete?
(Actually I'm new in coding and I just know to delete from single table but in above statement we are selecting to tables data one is "Jobmaster" and second is "RAssign".
Please help me if possible)
Updated 19-Oct-15 20:14pm
So where is the problem?
Krunal Rohit 19-Oct-15 0:39am    
What's been done so far ?


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