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I want to create a custom form property in c# .net

Please help me
Updated 24-Aug-10 22:37pm
PSK_ 25-Aug-10 2:32am    
What is the issue? Custom form property is not different from the properties you normally defines.
senguptaamlan 25-Aug-10 2:40am    
didn't got the question...please explain a bit more
Dalek Dave 25-Aug-10 3:37am    
Minor Edit for Grammar.

Do you mean add a property to the Form class itself? If so, you can't but there are two easy solutions.

1. Create a new class derived from Form and use that in place when you need it.
public class MyFormBase : Form
    // ...
    private int id;

    /// <summary>
    /// Gets or sets the identifier.
    /// </summary>
    public int ID
        get{ return id; }
        set{ id = value; }

So when adding a new form, change the declaration
public partial class Form1 : MyFormBase
    // ...
    // Form1 instances automatically have ID property

2. Use Extension Methods[^]
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Just add it. If you have a specific issue with doing so, post your code and explain it.
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amitthakkar1987 25-Aug-10 4:30am    
i have two forms
form1 and form2
on form1 i have one button and form2 contains textbox

on buttton click i write the following code for create a any no of forms

form2 f2 = new form2();;

now my question is that how i access the perticular textbox of a perticular form
amitthakkar1987 25-Aug-10 5:27am    
now i press the 3 time button click so genarate 3 forms and after i assign the unique name to forms name..
suppose frm1,frm2,frm3 so i want to access form1 textbox
DaveyM69 25-Aug-10 11:43am    
These comments do not relate to your original question. Have a look at this forum post which explains how:
Basically, child forms raise events which are listened to by parent forms and parent forms set properties/call methods on child forms.

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