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can i create sql query in query builder by selecting sql views instead of selecting sql tables??
please someone help me...!
Updated 28-Oct-15 4:19am

1 solution

Yes. It is common practice.

When adding tables, the second tab should be "Views"
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Member 12094561 29-Oct-15 1:44am     CRLF
hi, sorry i guess,my question was not clear to u,.. my question query builder we select some tables from database and we generate the query right... In the same manner i want to generate a query by selecting sql views instead of selecting tables.... Regards Pavan
Andy Lanng 29-Oct-15 4:59am     CRLF
Query builder in SQL Management Studio? There is a table next to tables when selecting tables for views. Or are you using a different 'Query Builder'? There are many :S
Member 12094561 29-Oct-15 8:39am    
i want to share an screenshot,is there any way here to share??so that ul get an clear idea of my req.
Member 12094561 29-Oct-15 8:42am     CRLF once go though this link...u will understand,what i that link he is selecting tables to generate query, i want to select views instead of tables..please go through that link
Andy Lanng 29-Oct-15 9:11am     CRLF
Ah - I see. That's dead simple. You have a query that shows tables: "SHOW TABLES FROM [db]" This will return all tables and views by default. You can check the type by using the query: "SHOW FULL TABLES FROM [db]" That will return two columns. The table and the table type ("BASE TABLE"|"VIEW") but in order to use them, you have to perform a "SELECT" instead of a "SHOW". That's a little different: "SELECT CONCAT(Table_name," (", Table_Type, ")") AS 'tables_in_[db]' FROM information_schema.Tables WHERE Table_schema = '[db]'" You can use that query in place of "SHOW TABLES FROM " & cbdb.Text and it will show the values as: "tablename (BASE TABLE)" and "viewname (VIEW)". To be clear: Replace the line: Dim sql As String = "SHOW TABLES FROM " & cbdb.Text with Dim sql As String = String.Format("SELECT CONCAT(Table_name," (", Table_Type, ")") AS 'tables_in_{0}' FROM information_schema.Tables WHERE Table_schema = '{0}' ", cbdb.Text)

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