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For Each Status As Status In A.List
   grdList.RowDefinitions.Add(New RowDefinition() With {.Height = GridLength.Auto})
   Dim TextBlock As New TextBlock()
   TextBlock.Margin = New Thickness(4)
   TextBlock.TextWrapping = TextWrapping.Wrap
   Grid.SetColumn(TexatBlock, 1)
   Grid.SetRow(TextBlock, grdList.RowDefinitions.Count - 1)

The above code comes from the web to receive the text, the text added to the list of Grid method.

The text received middle of the URL http:// ~ ~ ~ ~ As part of this portion of the text, which does not appear as a hyperlink.

Be displayed as a hyperlink to that part again?
Updated 29-Aug-10 4:25am
[no name] 29-Aug-10 15:08pm    
You're question is not very clear. Please edit it and restate more clearly what you are attempting to do and waht you would like.

1 solution

You are asking a question you've asked before, and ignoring the answer you were given. Nothing will magically turn your text into a hyperlink for you. You need to insert a hyperlink control into your text flow, so that the section you want to show as a hyperlink, will do so. Instead of copying code at random from the web, if you bought a book and worked through it, you might know enough about programming to understand the answers we give.
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Dalek Dave 29-Aug-10 20:04pm    
I think the language difficulty may be a problem here.
But yes, it has to added as a link, the URL does not become a link simply by wanting it to.
Christian Graus 29-Aug-10 21:16pm    
I think you are right, but still, he asked once and was given clear enough answers. He really should have asked again on that thread, or said here that he'd asked before. I'm sympathetic to the language issue, but if he can't understand our answers, for whatever reason, then how can we help him ?

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