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autually i am sending the data from datatable to table valued function. i am sending the id values around 1 to 10000 rows. i am passing the id values to table valued function inside select query. but it showing out of memory exception. and some time it showing pageload connection is reset like it is showing in with c#. please anybody help me.
CHill60 25-Nov-15 11:46am    
We'd need to see some code in order to help you
Member 12154439 25-Nov-15 11:58am    
sp : select id from tbl_prod where id in ( table valued paramerter)
coding i store the datatable to pass the sp .
ZurdoDev 25-Nov-15 12:37pm    
You have to simplify it. You're running out of memory. What can we do?
Aravindba 26-Nov-15 4:54am    
Try to pass 1 to 1000 values and check it work or not ,Actually "table valued paramerter" got 10000 values,so u pass one id to "table valued paramerter" for checking condition,so ur sql use more system memory.Check in internet how to increase sql memory or try to pass only 1000 records.
Philippe Mori 26-Nov-15 12:15pm    
Avoid showing more than 1000 rows. Big table are hard to use.

1 solution

select id from tbl_prod tp inner join table_valued_parameter tvp on = 
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