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I have created a Shopping Cart.In Which I have to store a multiple images for a single product.I have sucessfully done multiple images for the single Product. Now i want to display a single images among the uploaded images in the product listing pages. Like any shopping site when u choose any products at that time a single image with product name and price are displayed and after clicking on that product you will get the related multiple images and other details. Plz help me out to solve this Problem
Updated 30-Nov-15 21:05pm
[no name] 1-Dec-15 4:36am    
Can you provide an example of your requirement. Like any shopping site.
@shok kumar mishra 1-Dec-15 4:43am    
Like FlipKart when u search for the jeans item.u will find number of items display under the jeans category and as per the brand,price,color,etc u can categories those that time only 1 pics is displayed in the page with name when u click on the images or name the product details like related images and other details of the product display i want same here
[no name] 1-Dec-15 4:51am    
Upload all images related to one product and name them such way that there will be one master image others are child images. For instance you 4 images relevant to one product. You to find out which image will be master image and that image will display when you search a product. Let's say product ID 198. Name images like 198_0, 198_1, 198_2.. Here 198_0 is master image(identified by _0). Do the same for all products.
@shok kumar mishra 1-Dec-15 5:12am    
Just check these link i have posted the all the tables with example.
plz help me out find the appropriate answer

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