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Hello everyone.
My english is pretty poor, but i hope you'll understand me..
I'm working on a project to render on pc 3D models with data incoming from an
arduino board with a distance sensor, but i can't finger out how to write the code to work,
I just did a small code and i tried different methods to see a result, but i saw nothing but failure.
What i need from you guys is the code to write multiple points on a 3d plane in OpenGL, using OpenTK in visual studio 2013, the language i'm using is, visual basic...
To mention: I tried with a timer having interval 1, it works somehow but when i'm trying to change the perspective all the points just dissapear.
another method i tried is to write the points right in GLcontrol.paint(), using "for i=1...." again, a problem... points are spawning but everything is stuck, i can't rotate the perspective...
So.. What shall I write to generate multiple points using 3 variables (x,y,z) ?
Please, I really need help!
Santhosh G_ 4-Dec-15 3:00am    
I think you can obtain the expected result by changing X,Y,Z value of the vertex.

"it works somehow but when i'm trying to change the perspective all the points just dissapear."
Why you need to change perspective ?
Member 12171228 4-Dec-15 20:00pm    
Hi Santhosh G_, thanks for the answear..
Well, i want to see the model after it's finished, or if I could save the model to .obj would be wonderful, but I have no ideea how to use OpenTK.
And ofc as anyone who's trying to do something good I'm also trying to solve that error... I just don't understand why they dissapear.
do you have any ideea how to save the model as .obj to read the model again after it's finished?

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