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I want to customize the domain in url based on the user requirement. That is
my main site is
and what I need is
user 1 want to load the home page by
user 2 want to load the home page by
Like this based on customer need I want to load the Home page with the customized url. Can anybody tell me how should I do this? Only one time the file is hosted to server and it will be in the directory. I only need is for example if the user need to access the home page then he/she can access it through
Updated 4-Jan-16 17:47pm

Will you own the domains and If not then there is nothing you can really do. Those are top level domains that need DNS entries for routing.

What I would recommend doing is something like
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Yes, you can surely make it happen. User 1 will navigate to and the next will use their own (where x is the ID of the user), but only if you are willing to buy the domain name for $10+ per year. And according to me, this would be the worst way to start your business or application.[^]

What I would recommend is to use something like this, and then provide a different URL for other users, like Many services are already using this mechanism, Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogger and so on. This mechanism is known as using "sub-domains". You can access the sub-domain using PHP or any other server-side language, ASP.NET would also work![^][^]

Another way of doing the same is using the URLs, friendly URLs, and then providing the parameters to the URLs. Like, This is a very simple way of doing anything. You can create a page "session" and then fetch the parameter "user1" and load his content in it.

The methods that I have provided you with are free of cost. You can create 1000+ users and provide them a different layout, page and so on, without having to pay another fortune cookie at all.
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Thank you, that is a good idea.. But I have read that there is another way without buying the domain name. ie adding code in web.config file.

    <rule name="Rewrite subdomains">
        <match url="^/?$" />
            <add input="{HTTP_HOST}" pattern="^(.+)\.foo\.com$" />
        <action type="Rewrite" url="{C:1}" />
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