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how do i calculate the time remaining and current file progress in file.copy();

File.Copy(sourceFile, destFile, true);

please help me
Richard Deeming 14-Dec-15 12:31pm    
You don't. When the method returns, the copy has completed. The time remaining is 0, and the progress is 100%.

Behind the scenes, it uses the native CopyFile[^] function, which doesn't provide any way to see the progress of the copy operation.
Palash Sachan 14-Dec-15 12:41pm    
then how can i get the progress??
Is there any other way to copy files in c#??
Richard MacCutchan 14-Dec-15 12:55pm    
Yes, you can read and write fixed blocks to copy the file, thus allowing you to calculate progress.
Palash Sachan 14-Dec-15 13:06pm    
can u pls give me some example..
Richard MacCutchan 14-Dec-15 13:10pm    
Sorry I don't have one; try studying the documentation for reading and writing files, and developing your own sample.

I just looked at your previous question on the same subject (update progress percentage in c# console[^]), where this was already explained to you. Please do not repost the same question, you are just wasting our time and your own.
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You cannot show any progress just because there are no any hooks into File.Copy. If you need to report progress of file copy (but I doubt that), you need your own version of file copy.

I also answered your question before: update progress percentage in c# console[^].

I don't understand how would you fail to understand it. You could ask some follow-up questions if you needed clarification. I'll gladly answer.

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