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We have one store procedure in oracle which returns string message in output parameter.

I want to call it from and my code for output parameter is as below.

Dim lineParameter As New OracleParameter("v_message", OracleType.VarChar)
lineParameter.Size = 32000
lineParameter.Direction = ParameterDirection.Output

When i execute,it only returns 22 characters from store proceudre (oracletype varchar is 22 character initially)

How can i get long message from store procedure as output parameter value.

Please help me.

ZurdoDev 28-Dec-15 7:53am    
If Oracle is only returning 22 characters then you would have to change the oracle stored procedure, wouldn't you?
Vijay Radia 29-Dec-15 0:03am    
No because its working fine with java code.. so i think there is no issue with store procedure.
ZurdoDev 29-Dec-15 7:13am    
So, you are saying that if you execute the stored procedure in Oracle's tools you get more than 22 characters back but in .Net you only get 22?
ZurdoDev 29-Dec-15 7:15am    
Refer to and make sure to find the proper Oracle type equivalent.

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