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I am trying to run a Spring application with Apache Tomcat and I get the following exception in the server log:
[Apache Log] org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean wi -[^]

In the log it says at the end that it is caused by entity Assignment not being a managed type.

Here is the entity:
[Java] package com.mihaib.springmvc.entities; import javax.persistence.*; import ja -[^]

I am using Hibernate for database mapping.
I saw on another forum that someone said that it was due to a missing @Entity annotation on the class. I have the annotation, but I still get the exception.

How can I make the entity be a managed type or what else I can do to resolve this exception.
Updated 13-Jan-16 9:38am

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I think the problem is while injecting. you can see in log
Error creating bean with name 'assignmentController': Injection of autowired dependencies failed;

may be you are trying to injecting service class to controller class there you are getting a problem, problem is not in DAO class see your log clearly.

Caused by: Could not autowire field: private com.mihaib.springmvc.controller.AssignmentController.

If possible post your controller and service class, problem with @autowired i.e injection problem
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mihaib27 13-Jan-16 15:34pm    
Thanks a lot, but I have solved that problem earlier this day. It was something sort of like you said. I had a wrong path towards the entities in factory.setPackagesToScan from ApplicationConfig. Do you happen to have a general idea as of why I get this exception: "Caused by: No property id found for type Assignment!", even though I have the @Id annotation and the @Column annotation with the necessary attributes? The entity Assignment in the exception is the same as the one from the link above.
Member 11406049 14-Jan-16 6:32am    
post your code. if property name in you 'domain' class and column name in db are same no need of @column annotation. is possible post your code with full stack error

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