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I have created C# application that will run in full screen mode. Now I want to run this application in full screen when I power on the system. I want to hide the login screen and desktop. I want to display only my application in full screen. I am using windows 10 for this purpose.
Any one know, how I can do this in windows 10.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Jan-16 1:20am    
Boot to? There is no such concept. You only can boot an OS. This is not how Windows works.
Arun Kumar K S 19-Jan-16 1:21am    
I want to run a GUI application before the desktop and need to remove the login screen also.
I know in windows XP we can remove the login screen by a single user without password. and is possible to run a GUI application from the startup application folder
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Jan-16 1:45am    
May I know why?
Before desktop? But on what desktop? Forget it. It makes no sense, really. Please see Solution 1.

Please see my comment to the question. This is not how Windows works. If you want exactly what you say, it means you have to develop a different OS which can execute windows PE files the same way as Windows does.

The closest type of software product would be something quite far from a Windows desktop application. On Windows versions before Vista, you could customize Winlogon by writing custom GINA. This type of development is presently outdated (please see Winlogon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[^], also outdated).

In modern Windows versions, you can develop a custom credential provider. Between practically failed Vista and Windows 10, this part of architecture has been a subject of considerable changes, so I would not rush into customization of Windows log-on. If you want to dig in it, you can start here:
Winlogon and Credential Providers (Windows)[^],
Credential Providers in Windows 10 (Windows)[^].

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you can try WINDOWS EMBEDDED STANDARD 7 OS, it was made just for dedicated softwares which will run on full screen at startup
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Dave Kreskowiak 26-Oct-23 17:22pm    
Windows 7 Embedded was End-Of-Life'd 8 years ago, and security updates ended 3 years ago. This is not a viable option anymore.

Being this is a 7-year-old question, I doubt the OP still works on this project.

By the way, Windows Embedded was replaced by Windows IoT.

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