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I create one table and data grid control and two Colum that is id and name and two textbox id and name .I want that when I click on my grid the selected value will display on their cross ponding textbox such as id and name.   I create I button for show that show the value that is store in database and one button is update I want when I click on update button the selected row in data grid is display in tbxid and tbxname text box in my form . 

I done following code on show button 
 private void button Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) {
        var data = from p in db.gridtbls select p;
        myDataGrid.ItemsSource = data.ToList();


and I used following coding on update button var id = myDataGrid.SelectedValue; tbxname.Text = id.ToString(); tbxid.Text = id.ToString();

but we get the value in textbox name is such as {ID=1 Name="aqib '} is shown in txbname text box . I want that only print in name textbox is "aqib" and id is "1".

how we solve it.


1 solution

The simplest way is to use the built in data binding to get user selections.
// Example data binding class
public class MyData
  public int Id { get; set; }
  public string Name { get; set; }

XAML for displaying the data
<listview x:name="lst_Data" xmlns:x="#unknown">
    <gridviewcolumn header="ID" displaymemberbinding="{Binding Id}" />
    <gridviewcolumn header="Name" displaymemberbinding="{Binding Name}" />

And something along these lines when loading and binding the data here
public void LoadMyData()
 MyData[] _myData = FetchMyData(); // All you really need is an IEnumerable to bind data to
 lst_Data.DataContext = typeof(MyData);
 lst_Data.ItemsSource = _myData;

And then to get which data is selected by the end user
public void UserSelectedSomething(object sender, EventArgs e)
 if (lst_Data.SelectedItem == null)
 MyData selectedData = lst_Data.SelectedItem as MyData;

 if (selectedData == null)
   // Oops!  Handle
   // Do something with data
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