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i need to customize a survey that could be deployed on SP 2010. First the Style of the User shown Questions has to be adopted and second an info popup should be displayed before the first question.

My current plan is/was to have a survey definition, which refers to another NewForm.aspx where i would adapt the CSS and also utilize a customized ViewToolBar where "Respnod to this Survey" links to my info page. Now i struggle with VS. I won't get an functional survey template.
Maybe for the info page there is an option to use the first Question and only show an OK Button instead of an input form.

Thanks for any help.

What i have tried so far...
Use Hide-/CustomAction to replace "Respnod to this Survey". Since it seems to be hard coded in the ViewToolBar section of defaulttemplate.aspx there would be no way. Anyway I didn't find an id to address this “feature”.

Create a Custom List Definition and replace the the element.xml and schema.xml with the content from 14\template\feature\surveylist except the ID. SP feeds this, but the views (overview, summary and allitems) not working. It indicates that something with the specified views in the schema.xml went wrong. I guess the currently shown view pages are sp default pages. But I couldn’t figure it out…
While appending ?toolpaneview=2 to an instance of my custom list i can modify the overview page and bring back the Task bar for a specific view. With the taskbar I got the link “Respond to this Survey”, where the survey can be started.

I created a custom Control with my customized viewtoolbar and linked it with a view of my custom survey list definition. Since I couldn’t get my custom template to run I can’t proof this approach.

<elements xmlns="">


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