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using .net windows form application.

I use convert::tostring to convert a double value to string.

How do I convert it to a 2 decimal point number?

If my double value is 23, I want it to show as 23.00.

How to do that??
Updated 6-Sep-10 21:21pm
Dalek Dave 7-Sep-10 3:21am    
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1 solution

You may use directly the Double.ToString method for the purpose (see "Custom Numeric Format Strings" at MSDN[^]):
double d = 23;
string s = d.ToString("0.00", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);

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tuolesi 7-Sep-10 4:20am    
thx,it works for me.

But i saw the Convert::toString method can also accepet an overloading of Convert::ToString(Double, IFormatProvider).Can this method used to format the string?If yes,how?
CPallini 7-Sep-10 4:41am    
I guess you've to create a new NumberFormatInfo object, customize it (see for instance ) and finally pass it as IFormatProvider parameter.

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