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Hello Developers,

I have one ComboBox in MFC. I created one PopUp menu and attached with ComboBox.
When I click on ComboBox, I see popup menu getting displayed successfully.

So far so good.

My requirement is when I mouse Hover on ComboBox, I should see PopUp menu getting displayed.

How can I implement Mouse Hover on ComboBox.

Below is the code which I have written for CBN_DROPDOWN event which gets fire when I click on ComboBox. I need to do the same for Mouse Hover. Can anybody tell me which event I need to implement.

void CControlContextDlg::OnCbnDropdownCombo1()
	CMenu mnuPopupSubmit;

	// Get a pointer to the button
	//CButton *pButton;
	CComboBox *pComboBox;
	pComboBox = reinterpret_cast<CComboBox *>(GetDlgItem(IDC_COMBO1));

	// Find the rectangle around the button
	CRect rectSubmitButton;
	CPoint pbottom = rectSubmitButton.BottomRight();
	int h = rectSubmitButton.Width();
	CPoint p;
	p.x = pbottom.x - h;
	p.y = pbottom.y;

	// Get a pointer to the first item of the menu
	CMenu *mnuPopupMenu = mnuPopupSubmit.GetSubMenu(0);
	// Find out if the user right-clicked the button
	// because we are interested only in the button
	CPoint point;
	mnuPopupMenu->TrackPopupMenu(TPM_LEFTALIGN | TPM_RIGHTBUTTON, p.x, p.y, this);



What I have tried:

I have not tried anything as I am not aware of the event which will be used for mouse Hover.

1 solution

There is a notification message: WM_MOUSEHOVER message (Windows)[^].

Examples on detecting mouse activities on controls can be found in the article Adding mouse functionality to any control[^].
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