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I am having two Forms with one Datagridview in each.

Datagridview1 including columns:
Phase including cells: a,b,c
Order including cells: 3,1,2

Datagridview2 including columns:
Phase including cells: a,b,c which are picked from Datagridview1

The problem is how to sort Datagridview2 so that Phase order in it will be picked from Datagridview1? So what I would like to see in Datagrid2 is:

Phase rows in order: b,c,a

What I have tried:

Here's my code to give more deeply overview of the problem.
*) The problem is here:
CYCLE_TIMESDataGridView.Columns("Process Phase") is picked as Combobox cell value and is like "Assembly phase" but ProcessPhasesNokiaBindingSource.Sort("Basic Process") is number like 1,2...defining the Phase orders in ProcessPhasesBindingSource.

Private Sub Button1_Click_1(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
       ' Filling Datagrid by user given selections and colouring the Phases by defined colours by function
       If cheProduct.Checked = True Or cheOwner.Checked = True Or CheArea.Checked = True Or CheLine.Checked = True Or CheAll.Checked = True Then
               If cheProduct.Checked = True Then ' Filling Datagrid by selected Product data
                   Me.CYCLE_TIMESTableAdapter.FillByProduct(Me.ProductDataDataSet1.CYCLE_TIMES, Product_NokiaComboBox.SelectedValue)
                   Call Phase_colors()
               ElseIf cheOwner.Checked = True Then ' Filling Datagrid by selected Owner data
                   Me.CYCLE_TIMESTableAdapter.FillByOwner(Me.ProductDataDataSet1.CYCLE_TIMES, Owner_ComboBox.SelectedValue)
                   Call Phase_colors()
               ElseIf CheArea.Checked = True Then ' Filling Datagrid by selected Area data
                   Me.CYCLE_TIMESTableAdapter.FillByArea(Me.ProductDataDataSet1.CYCLE_TIMES, Area_ComboBox.SelectedValue)
                   Call Phase_colors()
               ElseIf CheLine.Checked = True Then ' Filling Datagrid by selected Line data
                   Me.CYCLE_TIMESTableAdapter.FillByLine(Me.ProductDataDataSet1.CYCLE_TIMES, Line_ComboBox.SelectedValue)
                   Call Phase_colors()
               ElseIf CheAll.Checked = True Then ' Filling Datagrid by all data
                   Call Phase_colors()
               End If
           Catch ex As Exception
           End Try
       End If
       ' Sorting the Datagrid view Process Phase column by different orders defined by columns cell numbering in ProcesshasesNokiaBindingSource.
       If CheckBasic.Checked = True Then ' Selecting the column for picking the cell numbering used for sorting the process phase in Datagridview. *)
           Me.CYCLE_TIMESDataGridView.Sort(CYCLE_TIMESDataGridView.Columns("Process Phase"), ProcessPhasesNokiaBindingSource.Sort("Basic Process") + "asc")
       ElseIf CheckManual.Checked = True Then
           Me.CYCLE_TIMESDataGridView.Sort(CYCLE_TIMESDataGridView.Columns("Process Phase"), ProcessPhasesNokiaBindingSource.Sort("Rel5 Manual") + "asc")
       ElseIf CheckSemiauto.Checked = True Then
           Me.CYCLE_TIMESDataGridView.Sort(CYCLE_TIMESDataGridView.Columns("Process Phase"), ProcessPhasesNokiaBindingSource.Sort("Rel5 Filter Semiauto") + "asc")
       ElseIf CheckAuto.Checked = True Then
           Me.CYCLE_TIMESDataGridView.Sort(CYCLE_TIMESDataGridView.Columns("Process Phase"), ProcessPhasesNokiaBindingSource.Sort("Rel5 Filter Full Auto") + "asc")
       End If
   End Sub
Updated 24-Mar-16 19:14pm
Sascha Lefèvre 21-Feb-16 15:11pm    
If you've tried everything and nothing worked, there can't be a solution to this.

But seriously: The section "What I have tried" is meant to show us what you have tried. In this case that would mean showing us your code which you have tried.
Member 12111641 22-Feb-16 3:40am    
Good comment. I'll make my problem definition more concrete.
CHill60 21-Feb-16 16:00pm    
Member 12111641 22-Feb-16 3:43am    
Just read. Understood hope the point! Not to make public forms. I sure have not done anything against this rule yet. :)

The DataGridView can be sorted via 2 methods;
a) Use DataGridView.Sort(DataGridViewColumn, SortDirection) method. This will limit you to sorting via a single column
b) If you are binding to a DataTable, you can either sort the DataTable, or create a DataView of the DataTable, that is sorted to what you require. This will allow you to sort by multiple columns.
To sort a DataTable you can use either of the following;
Dim myView As DataView = origDataTable.DefaultView
myView.Sort = "Phase ASC, Order DESC"

Dim mySorted As DataTable = origDataTable.Select("Phase IS NOT NULL", "Phase ASC").CopyToDataTable

Kind Regards
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Hello, in a meantime while waiting help I managed to solve the problem by me own as follows after heavy brainstorming.

My final solution with the problem was:

1. I added (hidden) Datagrid2 into the same Form where's the Datagrid1.
2. Created OrderID column into Datagrid2.
3. Created a function which picked the Datagrid1 Phase order from Datagrid2 into OrderID column.
4. Sorted the Datagrid1 Phase column by OrderID.

PS. Thanks for the tips - but maybe you did not understood the problem as this is bit upnormal sorting case. Anyway I added my solution here if someone meets similiar problem in their own challenges.
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